The "Double-cycler" Dual Chamber Recycler with Showerhead Perc

Sale price$103.99

Introducing the "Double-cycler" Dual Chamber Recycler with Showerhead Perc, where style meets function in perfect harmony. This rig offers a modern industrial twist on a classic design, accented with sleek color detailing that adds a touch of sophistication to its robust build.

Experience the art of dabbing elevated to new heights with its innovative combination of a disc perc and a double chamber recycler. Your vapor will embark on a captivating journey, filtering and refining it into an ultra-smooth, flavor-packed masterpiece, making it a popular choice for huge dabs.

Standing at an impressive 10 inches and featuring a 14mm female joint, this rig comes complete with a high-quality quartz banger, making it session-ready straight out of the box. Elevate your dabbing sessions with this powerhouse of style and performance, as it joins the ranks of exceptional recycler dab rigs and recyclers bongs.

  • Unique Double Chamber Recycler Design
  • Stylish Industrial Aesthetics with Color Accents
  • Disc Perc for Enhanced Filtration
  • 10-Inch Height for a Commanding Presence
  • 14mm Female Joint and Included Quartz Banger

Get ready to savor every dab with the "Double-cycler" Dual Chamber Recycler. Elevate your smoking experience today with one of the finest dab rigs on the market!