Shipping and Returns

General Information

At Spliff Herbals, our mission is to connect you with a diverse range of products from various sellers. Given our platform's nature, the shipping, returns, and other related processes are managed directly by the individual sellers and not Spliff Herbals.


General Shipping Information

The responsibility for shipping, including the dispatch, tracking, and delivery of products, rests solely with the individual sellers. Spliff Herbals does not handle, manage, or oversee the shipping process in any capacity. As shipping policies, timelines, and procedures can vary significantly between sellers, we strongly recommend that you review the specific shipping terms provided by each seller before making a purchase.

Duties, Taxes, and Additional Fees

Customers are solely responsible for any duties, import/export taxes, or any other fees not explicitly detailed on the invoice.

Spliff Herbals is not responsible for additional charges that may arise due to customs, border transitions, or local taxes. We recommend familiarizing yourself with your country's import regulations before making a purchase.

Shipping Delays & Variability

The shipping time and process might vary from one seller to another. We advise you to check each vendor's shipping policy for detailed information and time estimates.

Returns & Refunds

General Returns Policy

Given our platform's structure, all orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, even if unopened.

Affiliate Marketing Products

For any purchase made through affiliate marketing links on our platform, Spliff Herbals earns a commission but does not play a role in the subsequent processes. Spliff Herbals itself never handles returns or refunds for affiliate marketing products, as these responsibilities lie solely with the respective sellers. Customers are encouraged to consult the seller's return policy before purchasing products through affiliate links.

Diminished Product Value

Customers are liable for any diminished value of the product resulting from handling it in ways that go beyond what's necessary to determine its nature, characteristics, and functionality. This includes potential damage during the return transit back to the seller.


We do not offer exchanges for any products. When you purchase through an affiliate link, all exchange policies are set by the individual sellers.

Customer Service & Feedback

While Spliff Herbals is primarily a platform and doesn't manage inventory or shipping, we deeply value your experience and feedback. For any suggestions, concerns, or feedback, reach out to us at, and we'll do our best to assist or guide you.