Sour Apple CBD Gummies

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Embark on an elevated CBD journey with our newly fortified sour apple CBD gummies, now boasting an impressive 50mg of CBD per tantalizing treat.

Close your eyes and envision the moment you sink your teeth into a perfectly tart green apple. Picture the crisp, mouthwatering bite, the zesty burst that awakens your senses, and the delightful tang that instantly spreads a grin across your face.

Each gummy delivers a generous 50mg of CBD
A single jar contains 30 of these delectable treats, summing up to a total of 1500mg CBD per jar.
Vegan-friendly, catering to a variety of dietary preferences.
Fat-free and gluten-free, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.
THC-free, putting any worries to rest.
Rigorously lab-tested for the utmost safety and potency.
Sourced from hemp-derived CBD, fully compliant with the Farm Bill.

When ingested, our CBD-infused gummies spring into action swiftly, targeting specific areas of your body with precision. Inside each jar, you'll discover a robust 1500mg of premium CBD, ready to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

As with all our CBD products, rest assured that these gummies are entirely non-psychoactive, meaning they contain no THC, granting you a worry-free CBD experience. Welcome to a world of delicious, potent relief that transforms every bite into a delightful, wellness-boosting moment.