Blue Bus Fine Tools BLAZE Wooden Rolling Tray

Sale price$99.90

Discover The Blaze by Blue Bus Fine Tools, a versatile hybrid rolling tray for both indoor and outdoor aficionados. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this compact yet spacious tray (12.2"L x 7.4"W) is your complete rolling solution, featuring compartments for your accessories. It includes two Bunker jars for stash storage, a phone holder, tin case, a 5-inch aluminum grinder, two metal cones for easy pre-roll filling, a packing stick, and mini scissors. The highlight? A water-proof, smell-proof carry case for discreet transportation.

Perfect as a gift, The Blaze is available in a Basic Kit or a Complete Kit with additional Ashtray and Lamp. It's a durable, stylish, and practical choice for every rolling enthusiast.

  • High-Quality Hybrid Rolling Tray Kit
  • Option to Choose With or Without Ashtray
  • Durable, Portable Design for Any Setting
  • Hassle-Free Rolling Experience
  • Customized, Travel-Friendly Carry Case
  • Perfect Gift for Enthusiasts
  • Available in Complete or Basic Kit Options