Black Leaf Double HoneyComb Perc Stemless Glass Ice Bong | 45cm | Green

Sale price$125.00

Here's your chance to own and experience the incredible bubbling power of dual disc percs! This borosilicate glass water pipe from Black Leaf's HoneyComb perc series boasts two Green glass disc percs, each with around 40 holes for maximum filtration.

With its stemless design, this bong naturally enhances percolation, providing an extra layer of filtration for exceptionally smooth hits. The addition of ice notches allows you to drop in ice cubes, delivering an even cooler and smoother toke.

Black Leaf's eye-catching HoneyComb decal graces the tube just below the thick, comfortable mouthpiece. This pipe comes complete with a clear 18.8mm slide bowl featuring a built-in glass disc screen for added convenience.

  • Quality borosilicate glass construction
  • Two Green glass HoneyComb disc percs for optimal filtration
  • 18.8mm clear slide bowl with built-in glass disc screen
  • Full-color HoneyComb decal on the tube for a striking appearance
  • Ice notches for added cooling
  • No carb hole for straightforward operation

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