Meo's Green Initiatives : CourantPlus Delivery

Meo's Green Initiatives : CourantPlus Delivery - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends


At Meo Marley's we're committed to bringing more responsible and efficient options in every single of our business process. Our delivery partner Courant Plus is a key innovative element in our offer with their Next-Day Carbon-Neutral delivery service for select areas in Montreal.

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First integrated eco-friendly transporter in Montreal, Courant Plus was found in Montreal in 2019 by a multi disciplinary team of transport&logistics veterans and young aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels by providing local businesses a delivery service that was eco-friendly, agile and competitive. Based in Hochelaga, with their partners at Courrier Plus they offer delivery for all formats of products in their innovative velo-cargos and electric trucks, supported by their in-house AI platform to optimize and simplify the delivery process for the businesses and their customers.

Partner Services

We're currently offering a low-cost next-day eco-friendly delivery option for the Greater Montreal area with Courant Plus from which our system automatically determines if you're eligible based on what postal code you've registered for your order. Or you can check out the map below!
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What's next?

As Courant Plus grows their Carbon-Neutral service area, so will we in our offers to our customers. As for other regions in Quebec and the rest of Canada, we're currently in the process of researching and negotiating with businesses sharing the same objectives and values to expand our eco-friendly delivery services throughout the country and grow the Green movement!

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