Meo's Green Initiatives : Friendly Mailer

Meo's Green Initiatives : Friendly Mailer - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends


At Meo Marley's we're committed to bringing more responsible and efficient options in every single of our business process. Our delivery packaging partner Friendly Mailer is a Canadian business that encompasses all the values we aspire to by offering innovative heavy-duty reusable & biodegradable mailing bags.

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Friendly Mailer was created by a couple entrepreneurs who found success in the exciting and STRESSFUL world of e-commerce. Specializing in eco-friendly apparel they knew that the next step to separating our company from the competition was the packaging our customers orders would arrive in.

They started looking for eco-friendly mailers and mailer bags on google and had a real TOUGH time finding a good mailer that was biodegradable, but also adhesive friendly. They tried a couple mailers from different companies, but could never get a label to stay on well and feared losing the packages in transit.
This lead to the idea of manufacturing a PRACTICAL eco-friendly mailer bag that would be 100% biodegradable, tough, and not lose labels in transit.

A year later: Friendly Mailer was born!

They believe that sustainable shipping is the future and now is the time for businesses to show their customers that they care. Their core beliefs in their mailers are sustainability, practicality, and affordability

Partner Services

All of our packaging is eco-friendly at Meo Marley's, and this includes our shipping mailers. We use their standard 17cmx30cmx5cm tear-proof mailer format to package orders of up to 80$, and we pay for the entire shipping cost anywhere in Canada after 50$. If your order is over 80$, you might have the order split in multiple packages so we don't have to source non eco-friendly mailers.

Read our entire Shipping Policy here

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