RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 6 Pack (600 Tips)

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Elevate your rolling game with RAW's iconic tin display, the go-to choice for connoisseurs worldwide. This collection features six tins, each brimming with 100 expertly pre-rolled Raw tips, ensuring you're always prepared for your next session. Crafted to align with the natural grain of the fibers, these round tips promise a smooth experience every time. Embrace the purity of RAW's all-natural, GMO-free design, allowing the full essence of your herbs to shine through. With a straightforward, user-friendly design, these Raw tips are a seamless addition to any smoker's arsenal.

  • Straightforward, User-Friendly Design
  • Non-GMO for a Natural Experience
  • Allows Full Flavor and Essence to Pass Through
  • Generous Supply: 6 Tins Per Display, 100 Tips Per Tin
  • Free from Harmful Additives
  • Perfectly Pre-Rolled for Your Convenience