ONGROK Sustainable Wood Bamboo Rolling Tray

Prix de vente$17.99

Step into the world of elevated herb preparation with the ONGROK Sustainable Wood Bamboo Rolling Tray. Each of these handcrafted trays is a testament to uniqueness, made from natural bamboo with distinctive markings. The bamboo's beauty is preserved under a food-safe protective coating, ensuring a silky smooth rolling experience.

This tray, measuring a convenient 8.75" x 6.25", is intelligently designed with small compartments for organizing your accessories and a discard corner for hassle-free cleanup. Its practical yet elegant design fits seamlessly into any setting, making it a stylish addition to your rolling routine.

Built to last, this lap-sized tray combines durability with natural charm. With minimal maintenance and a bit of care, this ONGROK tray is not just a tool, but a lifelong companion for all your rolling needs.

  • Bamboo Construction with Unique Handmade Charm
  • Convenient Discard Corner for Easy Cleanup
  • Sturdy Build with Food-Safe Protective Coating
  • Perfectly Sized for Lap Use
  • Built-in Compartments for Organized Rolling
  • Sleek, Smooth Surface for Optimal Rolling Experience