How to save money on weed today.

How to save money on weed today. - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends

Even though cannabis is now legal throughout Canada and a lot of U.S. states, reliably getting some good stuff can still be expensive and depending on what your stoner habits are, it can definitely put a dent in your budget.

No matter your relationship with weed; whether you're a casual smoker or a fine terpene connoisseur, if you prefer inhaling or edibles, there's no denying that everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck and reduce their cannabis cost as much as possible when buying cannabis online or in-store.

But don't worry! There are lots of good ways to spend less money on cannabis and keeping the fun going! Some solutions are more creative than others, and others are pretty obvious of course.

From purchasing weed in bulk, growing your own cannabis at home, to investing in a good dry herb vaporizer and even smoking it with herbal smoking blends like a drink mixer, here are some of the best ways to save money on weed that works.

Thank us later ;)

How to spend less money on weed?

Save money on cannabis by buying weed in bulk.

Our first solution to saving money on cannabis is a pretty cut and dry one and as old as the first dealers. You buy more weed, you pay less pound-for-pound (or gram or gram, if you don't wanna go to prison.).

Simple, right?

But it can get pretty interesting in the savings department when you combine purchases with other weed dispensary deals. Stay on the lookout for special bulk promotions on your favorite online cannabis store and you can find some pretty sweet weed deals throughout the week, like combining 4 different AAA weed strains for a 1/4lbs combo and offering you the opportunity to discover great new products and saving sometimes up to 60% on your purchase at the same time. 

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Of course buying weed in bulk also works for vape pens, hash, oil, shatter, batter and even edibles, so no matter your preferred method of recreational cannabis consumption there's a bulk promotion waiting for you somewhere out there just waiting to be discovered.

Save money on cannabis by spotting dispensary deals.

A lot of dispensaries generate traffic to their store by offering special promotions on cannabis for certain days, or having some kind of randomly generated promotion like Spinning a Freebie Wheel after spending X amount of dollars in store.

Depending on what kind of cannabis purchases you find the most worthwhile for your preferences, it might be useful to switch your preferred method of intake to a more financially sound one if there's a weekly deal for it.

Some smokers might not have a problem switching to vaping for a few weeks if it can mean saving a lot of money on weed, plus their lungs might thank them for it! 

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Keep an eye out on those promotions, and if you're really a weed deal hunter and you want to go the extra mile, we recommend creating your own Bookmarks folder for your favorite online dispensaries and put some reminders on your calendar if they announce big savings ahead of time.

By the way, dispensary employees can usually spot some of their frequent consumers and offer them exclusive deals on weed, or even discounts on ounces to further reduce their monthly spend on weed.

How to make weed last longer?

Make your weed last longer by rolling spliffs with herbal smoking blends.

This one might be obvious to some readers, but chances are this information is completely new to most of you.

Did you know that there are some smokable herbs that can be mixed with cannabis to complement the flavors and make you spend less money on weed? Find the right pairing for your tastes, but be careful of companies in this industry that try to convince you their herbs for smoking have health benefits without mentioning the risks, as there are currently no studies supporting their claims that smoking herbs can help reduce anxiety or help with your mood. 

By mixing Meo Marley's curated smokable herbs with your favorite Legal Herb, you can save up to 80% on your monthly costs and enjoy the great flavors of your favorite terpenes!

How to get the most out of your weed?

Get the most out of your weed by learning how to conserve it properly.

Smoking dry flower is a notorious way to make you go through a lot more weed than you'd imagine and getting you too high, for no real added benefit. As the humidity escapes from your bud, it makes it easier to compress either when rolled in a joint or packed in a bowl and so you use more quantity for the same result without really realizing it.

A simple and cheap way for your cannabis not to dry too much is to keep a two-way humidity control pack, as you've probably seen products like Boveda if you buy your weed legally in Canada or the U.S. or maybe in your latest third-wave coffee purchase if you're the hipster stoner kinda person.

Get the most out of your weed by changing your method of consumption.

A lot of people smoke whole joints or spliffs by themselves more for the ceremony than the effect. If you're not already mixing your weed with smokable herbs, chances are most of what you're smoking in that session won't even get you higher, it'll just put you to sleep or make you forget where you left your keys.

By changing your way of consuming cannabis to a more economical, budget-weary way, like going from smoking joints to using a vape for day time and indulging in your preferred method only at night can do miracles for your cannabis budget. If you were to only consider potency in the equation and not your enjoyment, it is uncontestably better to dab or vape a THC or CBD concentrate over smoking flower. Heck, sometimes a single sized portion of oil the size of a single pinpoint can be enough to get you high off your mind, for hours at a time.

Regarding edibles, it depends on your body's reaction to dosages (some people don't react the same when inhaling or ingesting orally) but although the trip can be enjoyable, anything available on the legal market has a much higher cost per mg of THC or CBD than their inhalable counterparts.

Get the most out of your weed by gathering and using that precious kief.

Kief is like the Phoenix of cannabis, the gift that keeps on giving, the last minute clutch save at the end of the movie... IF you have the right tools. Just when you think you're out the good stuff, you open up that bottom level of your weed grinder, scrape that light green powder consisting of fallen trichomes of your previous batch of dry flower, and have enough to keep you going until your next restock run.

It's basically like recycling weed, how cool is that! 



If you're a tobacco hater like we are, simply mix your concentrated THC powder with your go-to nicotine-free herbal smoking blend and you have yourself a nice organic all-natural salad, from Mother Nature straight to your lungs.

Of course, you can also opt for a more intense way to get high by smoking straight kief bowls or loading a one hitter chillum full of kief, heck you can even mix it in your joints of cannabis to increase potency and make a longer lasting buzz but we can pretty much guarantee you won't be the life of the party, you'll probably just melt in the couch and wake up a few hours later. #ToEachItsOwn

Get the most out of your weed by switching to one-hitters, bongs or chillums. 

A very popular accessory in some stoner cultures and unknown in some others, single-hit devices like bongs (glass, acrylic, ceramic, etc.) along with chillums and one-hitters are some of the most underrated, yet efficient manners of consuming cannabis by smoking it other than with rolling papers.

All of these devices have different looks, advantages and disadvantages, but have one thing in common : you can use small quantities of your favorite fresh buds and get super, super high, for hours at a time.

Great idea right? If that's what you're into as a stoner, then be sure to have a look at some smoking accessories, ideally ecofriendly and/or manufactured outside China if you want to guarantee you get an accessory that is safe for use, and help the planet, one puff at a time. 



If you don't like inhaling smoke or find hitter pipes are too harsh for your lungs, you can alternatively opt to save on cannabis by using your favorite dry herb vaporizer for your regular weed throughout the week (we're not big fans of vaporizers but our favorite is definitely the famous Volcano Vaporizer).


What is the best way to save money on weed?

Save the most money by growing your own weed at home.

"Duh! Why don't you just grow it!" The absolute single best way to not only spend less money on weed, but also learn a valuable trade skill for the future. Quick warning on this one; it takes money to save money. 


Photo by Diyahna Lewis on Unsplash

Growing your own cannabis at home has been legal in Canada since 2018 for up to four plants (with activists currently in the court system trying to increase this amount) and a good number of U.S. States where weed is legal.

While it may not be as productive growing cannabis at home than what commercial operations could get in terms of yield, with the right techniques, knowledge and attention to detail, you can save MASSIVE amounts of money in the long run. Some growers reportedly being able to legally harvest nearly 8lbs of dry weed from a single cycle which at the very conservative market rate of 5$ per gram of dry flower, amounts to a whopping $18 140!!! 

As we stated earlier though, a cheap grow at home weed setup will cost you at least $800 with the best equipment to grow quality weed at home going for several thousand dollars, not accounting for the mistakes you'll probably do when you first start growing weed at home.

The best way to really save money on weed is by taking weed tolerance breaks and reducing your consumption.

This is really a last-ditch effort to save on your cannabis, but here goes!

If your normal routine involves a wake n bake with your morning coffee, a Digespliff after your sandwich at lunch and then a few times at night, even if they're the skimpiest of joints or with the smallest of pipes, you might be smoking a lot in your regular daily schedule because your body built up a real tolerance to THC or CBD and their effects.

That weed tolerance building up will then require you to have more smoke sessions throughout the day to achieve the same results, even if you have top quality weed, and that creates a vicious cycle of reckless spending.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine the solution is simple; just take a break, bud!

There are numerous scientific studies pertaining to tolerance to cannabis, and it's definitely a very real phenomenon.

But there is hope yet for stoners and their wallets everywhere! You can take a break of cannabis and after a few weeks it's like your tolerance magically reset and you'll be a kid rediscovering the joys of weed in no time.

We know it's easier said than done, but if you're looking for ways to stop smoking naturally without going cold turkey, you can simply gradually mix your weed with smokable herbs and put less and less cannabis in your spliff until you don't put any more. We've found that it helps users stop smoking much better than going cold turkey.

*This article is not to be interpreted as a statement of any form by Spliff but merely a compendium of information compiled from other sources. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, FDA or any other regulatory body. Consult your doctor before ingesting or smoking any herbal product.*

If you have any valuable information to add or a correction to address, please reach out to a member of our team at

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