How to choose the best cannabis product for personal use?

How to choose the best cannabis product for personal use? - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends

Cannabis is perhaps the favorite holistic health product that millions love to use for recreational purposes. However, the growing evidence of their medical efficacy is also helping patients of chronic diseases feel relief from their symptoms. However, it is always confusing to buy the best products today.

How many times have you felt utterly bamboozled by the options available at a dispensary? With so many different strains, types of products, and consumption methods available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a set route to find what works for you? In this blog, we'll explore five tips and tricks that can make choosing the best cannabis product for your personal use a breeze! Let’s get started right away.


1. Research the Various Strains

To start with, learning about the various strains available in the market will help in choosing a cannabis product that’s perfect for you. Look the strains up along with their use, effect, and feel. Each strain has its own unique set of effects, so it's important to pick one that meets your specific needs. While some strains may be better for relaxation and stress relief, others could be better for energy and creativity. Research the various strains and their effects to find one that matches your desired effect.  

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2. Choose a Type of Product

There are hundreds of cannabis products available today that range from oils, flower buds, concentrates, and tinctures to skin patches and edibles. However, each type of product has its own unique set of effects and caveats. For example, some may take time to show and ease their effect, but others may directly enter the bloodstream, and hence also fade pretty quickly.

3. Determine the Best Tool for You

Once you've chosen a type of CBD product, it's time to determine the best tool for your needs. There are many different tools available, including bongs, beakers, bubblers, vapes, and more. Each tool has its own unique set of benefits that you can research before choosing which one suits your lifestyle better. 

4. Look Up a Reliable Online Dispensary 

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Before ordering from the first online store you find, make sure to vet your choice.. Look for an online dispensary with a wide selection of products and positive customer reviews that reflect a spotless reputation. Reliable dispensaries ensure you get high-quality products from the get-go. For starters, you can always go to a dispensary’s online portal and learn more about their offerings, certificates, and legality to be sure of your purchase.

5. Use Trial Products for a Better Idea

Finally, one of the best ways to find your brand and favorite product is to use trial packs. Many online dispensaries offer trial editions or sample packs, which allow you to try out different strains and types of products before committing to a larger purchase. Once you find your favorite, you can buy these products in larger packs.

Final Word

Choosing the best cannabis product can now be made as simple as the steps mentioned above. By using our blog as a helping guide, you can easily find the product that works best for you. Remember to start with small doses and work your way up, and always use cannabis responsibly. We hope you enjoy a safe and fulfilling experience!


*This article is not to be interpreted as a statement of any form by Spliff but merely a compendium of information compiled from other sources. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, FDA or any other regulatory body. Consult your doctor before ingesting or smoking any herbal product.*

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