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Every experienced or beginner joint roller, strives to find the easiest and best paper for a pleasant smoking experience. From the moment you put the herbs, to the first light, all the way to the first puff, all these are at the center of the mission that inspired the creation of Vibes Rolling Papers.

Like many mainstream rolling papers, the cultivation process is done in France, the knitting and cutting process in the Dominican Republic. This ensures a unique and uniform flavor with a slower burning time.

The production of the vibes rolling paper is made to the best possible standard which is an important factor in sustaining the quality and influence of your herbal smoking blends, offering a satisfying experience to every user.

This brand offers products like cones, rolling trays, and papers made from materials that are naturally sourced, like rice, hemp, and ultra-thin products. The properties of these materials helps boost the flavor and reduces the burn time.

Who Founded the Vibes brand?

The Vibes brand was launched in 2019 through a collaboration with Greenlane Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GNLN), a global seller of premium cannabis and vaping accessories, and Gilbert "Berner" Milam Jr., a rapper and entrepreneur from San Francisco.

Their first product was their signature rolling papers, but they've since branched out to manufacturing a wide array of accessories

What is Greenlane Holdings Inc.?

This is a holding company that creates a platform for the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis accessories, resistant packages for children, vape solutions, and products for lifestyles globally. They operate in consumer goods and industrial goods.

This establishment was founded in 2005 with a diverse customer base over the years, having more than 8,000 retail outlets and licensed drugstores for sales of cannabis and smoke shops.

Greenlane operates and owns a number of brands well known in the industry: Pollen Gear™, The K.Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards, Marley Natural™, and VIBES™ rolling papers.

Who is Berner?

Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. is an American rapper and entrepreneur popularly known by his stage name Berner. He is a member of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Entertainment. Born October 27, 1983, Berner capitalized on a head start in the Californian medical marijuana industry that was essentially legal to build a cannabis empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Philosophy

The main objective is to manufacture high-level and quality smoking accessories, rolling papers, and pre-roll cones, to enable smokers get the best out of their all-natural smokable blend for people ready to explore their smoking fantasies.

The increasing demand for these products in Canada and USA brought about the brand idea by the founders. On the Launch day, the rapper Berner said, ''The world needs more good VIBES right now''.

Following the launch in 2019, Vibes signed a contract with SF Cookies to enable the people of Barcelona Spain to gain access to these unique products on 26th May 2020.

Types of Rolling Papers

Contrary to the popular belief, this product is not solely composed of wood fiber like other types of paper. Varieties of these products are now produced with non-wooden fibers like: flax, rice straw, hemp, esparto, sisal


Flax is easy to roll and its roll joints have a lesser combustion time, this in turn gives less smoke and more good stuff. Though this particular material is not available in the vibe brand, there are other similar yet better materials you can go for under the vibe brand.

Rice straw

This is a very common option and is a frequently used material for rolling papers. The thiness and lack of flavor make it very popular. It is a very sustainable, eco-friendly option and tends to burn slower.

It was one of the earliest materials used in mass manufacturing of paper. Occasionally it usually contains some extra additives like sugar or flax. It is quite difficult to roll, especially for those who are new to smoking and while smoking you occasionally have to re-light it. Rice straw as a smoking material is available for sale in the vibe brand,


Over time Hemp has become very popular as a source of joint paper creation, this is reflected in the growing trend of smokers being comfortable rolling their cigarettes with hemp papers. There are lots of amazing options for smokers but hemp has always been a choice material for rolling paper within the industry.

It has a mild taste and a link to marijuana which makes it a sort after amongst smokers. It is made by crushing cannabis sativa leaves, which creates dried pulp that makes this paper. Production of this material is all-natural, organic, and easy to make. Hemp and Hemp organic rolling papers are also available in the vibe brand, check the website for various colors and sizes.


A naturally grown crop that is cultivated for paper making, its fiber has been used for quality paper mostly used in books and many other products including packaging, clothes, and baskets. Esparto is rarely used in rolling papers since it can raise the level of cancer-causing chemicals when burned, even when blended with 8 to 10% of wood pulp.

Wood Pulp

Wood Pulp rolling paper has been widely used over decades because of its thickness compared to other varieties on the market which makes it perfect for smokers that want a good feel of how robust it will be between their fingers. It varies in thickness due to various fiber mixtures with it.

Wood Pulps are available in bleached white and unbleached wood pulp for your perfect cannabis smoke blends

Vibe Products

Vibes are watermarked rolling papers that come in a range of blends and sizes and are produced to the finest possible standards. It is available in vibe papers and vibe cones, possessing various sizes, color and materials used to make either the vibe cone or paper. With a variety of products available, it informs a smoker on the size, type and smoke blends he should take.

Vibe Rolling Papers

Let's take a look at the various types of Vibe rolling papers available on the vibe platform

Vibe Rice Paper

From the three materials they offer, rice paper burns the slowest. The characteristics of the rice paper were properly utilized, making a wonderful experience for the smoker because of the added airflow that shortens the time of the smoke. This gives the smoker an amazing experience of various smoke blends he wants to explore.

Vibe Hemp Paper

The gives a first-rate taste and experience to the smoker. its thin feature makes the flavor of the material thrive and burns slow for a long-lasting experience for the user.

Vibe Ultra Thin Paper

The thinnest paper for Vibes rolling paper is offered by the Vibes Ultra Thin papers. Your experience won't be marred by "paper smoke" thanks to the thin paper, and your material will thrive. The Vibes tips available combines with the paper's thinness to improve the flavor and lets dry herb smoke predominate.

These papers are available in 2 major sizes:

King Size Slim

  • 33x Vibes Rolling Papers - King Size Slim
  • Vibes Tips Included
  • Available in Rice, Ultra Thin, or Hemp Rolling Papers
  • ~4” Length
  • The box contains 792 papers with tips


  • 50x 1.25" Vibes Rolling Papers
  • Natural Paper
  • Available in Hemp, Rice, or Ultra Thin Papers
  • Slow & Even Burning
  • Standard 1.25” Length
  • Features 50 booklets of the Rice or Ultra Thin Vibes Rolling Papers.
  • Each booklet has 50 papers, bringing your total to 2,500 rolling papers.

These vibes papers also come in various colors: black, blue, and red, these are made to improve your experience.

Vibe Cones

The Vibe cones have the same properties as the vibe paper. It is made with the same material (rice, hemp and ultra-thin), it also has the same size (king size slim and 1.25”) and color but it differs in shape for a whole new experience. It is mainly for those that are new to smoking and finds it difficult to role a paper.

Frequently Asked Question About Vibes Rolling Papers

Do Vibes papers burn slow?

Yes, the hemp and rice paper which are chlorine-free burn slow and consistently. The ultra-thin paper also burns slow, providing a smooth smoking experience.

Does Vibes Rolling Paper Have Chemicals?

Their rolling papers come in all-natural hemp, rice and ultra-thin papers with no additives or chemical.

Who Owns Vibes Paper?

The brand is a collaboration between Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. popularly called Berner with Greenlane Holdings, Inc.

Where to Buy Vibes Rolling Papers?

These products are available on the Vibe website, authorized cannabis drug stores, smoke shops and on their amazon page

Are Vibes Rolling Papers Good?

Compared to others, the vibes rice paper burns slower and using it gives a longer smoking session.

Vibe ultra-thin paper gives the best smoking experience when mixed with the right cannabis blend. You can taste every draw because it has no paper smoke.

Vibe Hemp paper has a classic smoking experience, renowned for its smooth burning, it ensures that the smoke blend burns quickly.

What is the Difference Between Rolling Paper and Cones

Cones are a simpler alternative if you don't know how to roll a joint or don't want to try. But more experienced smokers see rolling a joint as an integral part of the ritual; that is smoking.

Where are Vibes Rolling Papers Made?

It is cultivated in France, knitted and cut in the Dominican Republic.

Is Vibes associated to the Cookies Cannabis Brand?

Cookies are another brand of cannabis established by Berner and Jai. Berner cookies are highly strong Sativa-dominant cannabis strains. It is a unique variety of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). You can anticipate that this strain will have vanilla flavors and a kushy scent, comparable to GSC.

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