Can I smoke Rose Petals?

Can I smoke Rose Petals? - SPLIFF

Herbal Cigarettes DIY : Smoking Rose Petals

Yes you can smoke Rose Petals! As part of an herbal smoking blend, smokable rose petals are used as a natural flavoring agent by adding a relaxing fragrance when burning and providing a discreet taste reminiscent of freshly picked berries like Strawberry and Raspberries, or for the candy lovers, Sweet Tarts (the red ones!). 

There's nothing more romantic than a bouquet of flowers, except maybe for smokable rose petals! But did you know that roses can do far more than just be a lovely and wonderfully smelling gift?

Traditionally, roses have been used for cultural and medicinal purposes for a very long time, thousands of years even. Roses are claimed to have many health benefits, in this article you’ll learn all you need to know about smoking rose petals in herbal cigarettes or as rolling filler for your favorite legal herb. 

What are Rose Petals?

It is a known fact that rose petals are edible and people even collect them for this purpose. They can be used dried in recipes as well. Actually, it is recommended to let them air dry in a dehydrator in a low-setting. 

Here’s an interesting fact. The rose family is composed of over 130 species and thousands of cultivars! Roses can also be used in tea and their flavor can vary based on the species and origin.  

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How does Rose Petals work?

When ingested, rose water has shown to be beneficial to the digestive system. What it does is to increase the bile flow, helping with bloating and upset stomachs. It can also be used as a laxative.  

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As part of some herbal smoking blends, you may find that smoking rose petals can be a little intense and might not be the right fit for your taste. The former smokable herb blend leverages smoking Mullein and smoking Raspberry Leaf, whereas the latter has the main peppery flavors of smokable Damiana and smokable Passionflower for a more intense experience. 

Benefits of Rose Petals

Rose petals have many benefits that have been traditionally recognized by many cultures. They have been known to give natural boosts to your health. Benefits range from skincare to soothing a sore throat and can be ingested or used as a topical agent. While there are no studies proving any benefits from Rose Petals when smoked, below are some of the benefits when ingested :   

  • High Vitamin C content : The rose hip is a great source of Vitamin C, even after the petals have been cut and dried. They help with skin ageing, great to give your skin a nice boost! 
  • May help with a sore throat: Rose tea is not only great to relax you, it can also relieve a sore throat due its antioxidants.
  • May help you relax: The rich and lovely smell of rose is a great way to sit down and smell it and relax as you have a nice self-care moment.
  • May boost a sluggish liver: Rose petals could help you cleanse your liver due to its antioxidant properties.   
  • May help with acne: Why do many beauty products contain rose petals? Because it is also antibacterial! It helps with inflamed and blemished skin, thus reducing redness and puffiness. 


Rose petals are now highly recommended as a flavoring agent in herbal smoking blends for its sophisticated smell and taste. Those blends help recreational smokers to reduce or control their consumption of expensive legal herb as an entirely natural alternative to tobacco.    

Dosage of Rose Petals 

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The correct dosage for the consumption of rose petals can and will vary according to who ingests it. This dosage will vary according to the persons underlying conditions and any other health conditions they may have. However, as this is a natural product, the dosage that is recommended by your doctor should be followed. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Rosa Rugosa (also called Mei Gui Hua) is used to treat a variety of ailments. Many other cultures still cultivate and use rose petals in their preparations. 

So, as mentioned, Rose Petals are out there offering a lot of benefits to those who take the chance to try it. Rose petals are also used in herbal smoking blends, as they add an amazing fragrance, ideal for those who have refined tastes.

You may also want to try smoking Tea or smoking Oregano.

*This article is not to be interpreted as a statement of any form by Spliff but merely a compendium of information compiled from other sources. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, FDA or any other regulatory body. Consult your doctor before ingesting or smoking any herbal product.*

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