Can I smoke Oregano?

Can I smoke Oregano? - SPLIFF
Herbal cigarettes and smoking herbs like chamomile, catnipmullein or salvia is a practice that dates back to ancient times. The use of herbs for smoking has been recorded in many cultures and regions throughout the world. Herbal cigarettes are made from a variety of natural ingredients, including leaves, flowers, and other plant parts. Oregano, also known as origanum vulgare, is a common herb that is generally used in cooking, as dried leaves or as oregano oil. Oregano is a lamiaceae, a family of plants that contain the whole mint family as well. It contains vitamin k and is also known for its medicinal properties. Some people believe that smoking oregano can help to relieve various respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and asthma.

Due to these health claims, oregano has become an extremely popular base for most herbal cigarettes.

Smoking oregano 

Oregano is not typically considered to be a smoking herb. The leaves of the oregano plant are generally too tough and bitter to smoke. However, some people may still choose to smoke oregano for its potential health benefits. It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that smoking oregano has any health benefits. In fact, smoking any substance, regardless of its natural origins, can be harmful to your health. If you choose to smoke oregano, be sure to do so in moderation and always consult with a medical professional beforehand.

What are the uses of oregano?

Oregano is a common herb that is used in cooking. It is also known for its medicinal properties. Some people believe that smoking oregano can help to relieve various respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and asthma.

Oregano leaves can be used fresh, dried, or powdered. The leaves have a strong flavour and are often used to flavour meats, soups, and stews. Oregano is also a common ingredient in many Italian dishes. The herb can be used fresh or dried. Dried oregano should be stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool, dark place. Oregano leaves can also be powdered and used as a seasoning in herbal mixes.

How to use oregano leaf?

Using oregano leaves in cooking is relatively simple, you will just need to sprinkle the fresh leaves into your dish and taste the flavour. You can also sprinkle in dried oregano leaves and sample the flavour.

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Using an oregano leaf to smoke will mean that you will have to dry the leaves out first. This can be done by hanging them upside down in a cool, dark place for a few days. Once the leaves are dried, they can be crumbled up and smoked in a pipe or rolled into a cigarette with some of your favourite legal herbs.We have absolutely no doubt that you’ll find one that suits your needs.

It is usually best to start with a lower dosage, to begin with, and gradually increase the amount you smoke as needed. It is also really important to always consult with a medical professional before smoking any substance, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or if it is the first time smoking blends like these.

What are the benefits of smoking oregano?

Smoking oregano might help with improving the symptoms of a cold. It works as a naturally calming herb, especially with menstrual cramps, and it is a powerful antioxidant. Oregano also has natural antibacterial properties when it is smoked and it can be a tasty addition to any herbal smoking blend cigarette.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of choosing oregano to smoke over traditional tobacco or cigarettes is that you can enjoy less temptation in smoking cigarettes and have an easier time quitting.  

Is it safe to smoke oregano?

Some people are wondering if smoking oregano is safe. As you might already know, smoking any substance, regardless of its natural origins, can be harmful to your health. In fact, you should be wary of any company who tries to sell you smoking products by supporting the fact that they are good for your health, we can’t stress this enough! If you choose to smoke oregano, be sure to do so in moderation and always consult with a medical professional beforehand. If you have any type of breathing condition, you may want to choose a vaporizer device or another means to consume the herb, as smoking can exacerbate respiratory problems.

Are there health benefits of smoking oregano?

Oregano has helped treat numerous diseases and is an antibacterial in ancient medicine. The powerful antioxidants in oregano can work to improve your health by maximizing your ability to eliminate free radicals.

Oregano can help you with stress and it can help as a dietary cell reinforcing agent. The toxic substances that make it difficult for you to digest can be managed with ease using oregano. 

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Oregano can help you quit smoking as well as handle oxidative stress in the body. It also is a very effective detoxifier and can help you to manage your blood sugar levels. It has also been known to assist in weight loss.

Is oregano an antioxidant for my body?

Oregano is a powerful antioxidant for the body and it is a natural antioxidant that has been used throughout medicine for thousands of years. The herb can help you to remove the toxic substances that are triggered by everyday stress or ecological stress.   

With that said, it is very important to clarify that no scientific study has approached the subject of the health benefits of smoking oregano. The herb is known to have some benefits on the body by itself, but nothing, for the moment, proves that actually smoking it has the same benefits.

What are the side effects of oregano?

Oregano can increase the impact of smoking other herbs such as marijuana, which contains THC, or tobacco. Always start with a lower dose when smoking oregano and gradually increase as needed. If you experience any difficulty breathing after smoking oregano, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.

Can Oregano Get You High?

Oregano can be used as a calming agent for the nerves and it has been used in ancient medicine to help with anxiety and stress. It can also be used to help you get to sleep if you are having difficulty sleeping. Oregano can be smoked or vaporized and inhaled. 


When smoked, oregano can provide a mild euphoric feeling and help you relax. However, it is important to note that oregano can also cause hallucinations if smoked in large quantities. It should always be used in moderation.

Smoking oregano is a very low-risk activity when you choose a low to moderate dosage. You should avoid smoking oregano if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have an allergy to the herb.

However, we do need to reiterate our disclaimer for the billionth time and really drive home the point that smoking herbs of any kind carry inherent health risks, such as long-term lung damage. So if you must absolutely smoke herb leaves, or even smoke flower petals, always do your research and do so in moderation.

How do you smoke oregano?

You can acquire herbal cigarettes made with oregano or you can roll your own. If you choose to make your own, start with a smaller cigarette and rolling papers or a pipe. You can also consider using a dry herb vaporizer to get the same active benefits of smoking without the irritation of the smoke. 

Oregano can increase the potency of cannabis when used in conjunction with it. If you are going to smoke oregano with cannabis, start with a lower dose of each and gradually increase as needed.

Herbal cigarettes can also increase in their potency when oregano is added to them. Start with a lower dose of each and gradually increase the amount you smoke as required.

For hash, it can be particularly potent when smoked with oregano. If you regularly use hash, consider trying it with a small amount of oregano at half the dosage you would typically use.

Oregano cigarettes make an excellent tobacco replacement as they provide many of the same calming benefits without the negative health effects of tobacco.


Conclusion - so is it good to smoke oregano?

Oregano can be used in conjunction with other herbs to enhance their effects. If you have been curious about trying herbal cigarettes or would like to increase the potency of other herbal medications you are using, you should strongly consider smoking oregano as part of your wellness routine. Herbal blends are a good solution if you don’t want to smoke tobacco. It is more natural and less toxic. We currently do not have any herbal blends that contain oregano. 

As part of your switch from smoking pure or smoking tobacco to herbal smoking blends, you may find that smoking Calendula or smoking Marjoram may also suit you as base smokable herbs. 

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*This article is not to be interpreted as a statement of any form by Spliff but merely a compendium of information compiled from other sources. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, FDA or any other regulatory body. Consult your doctor before ingesting or smoking any herbal product.*

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