All About Cali Crusher Grinders

The first designer grinder in the world with ground-breaking 4 piece/4-way quick lock technology, unbreakable radial cut blades, and an innovative smooth contoured pollen catch. Made with pride in San Diego, California, USA.

Since entering the herb grinder industry in 2010, Cali Crusher Grinders has solidified a reputation for superior grinding and design. Cali Crusher is likewise a really well-liked option among smokers and can be discovered in numerous different smoking shops, retail stores, and online markets. With time, Cali Crusher has added premium homegrown products to its lineup.

Looking for a grinder that will make a smooth grind of your herbal smoke blends? Made from tough aluminum oxide, these grinders will stand up to years of use. With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you!

Types of Cali Crusher

This manufacturer offers two major types of their flagship products : Homegrown and O.G. Cali Crusher, each with various unique designs to make you stand out from the crowd Let's take a look at what they have in store!

Homegrown Cali Crusher Grinders

The groundbreaking Homegrown® Grinder contains several novel and unheard-of features in this designer herb grinder. Traditional threads are replaced with a 4-Way Quick Lock System, which makes it impossible for your grinder to jam or cross-thread for example.

With the use of a 3/32 inch hex wrench, the 210 count micron screen is simply removed and upgraded. Type II anodized protection is included with all of this product line made out of cutting-edge 6061 aerospace aluminum with Neodymium earth magnets, inserted in the middle, insuring a very strong and firm hold.

Their finish is scratch-resistant after being bead-blasted. Metal shavings are removed by ultrasonic cleaning, and CNC fluid application elevates the quality of the product to that of a medical item. The bigger drop holes on Homegrown enable an obstruction-free flow grind, and the detachable O-ring facilitates a smooth twisting motion. Being the first of its kind, the spherical bottom chamber makes collecting pollen very straightforward. A lifetime guarantee is provided with the teeth.

  • Original 4-Way Quick Lock technology: opens and closes with a quarter turn.
  • Screen that can be removed for maintenance and upgrades
  • Pollen is collected efficiently using a rounded catch chamber.
  • Gripped edges with grooves
  • Metal that has been ultrasonically cleaned for use in aerospace medicine
  • Superior closure is produced by strong magnets: takes hold of the grinder's lid.
  • The new blade configuration provides for a greater loading capacity. Patented radial blades for maximum shredding
  • Lifetime warranty on your teeth
  • Includes a scraper for guitar picks.
  • Made in San Diego, California, USA
  • Height: 2.03"; Diameter: 2.24"

Some homegrown designers are:

Phil Lewis Homegrown Cali Crusher

Phil Lewis' imaginative artwork is America's preferred designer grinder. Phil's Electric Fox design is featured on a Special Edition model on their website. This model includes Phil Lewis's trademark pollen catch, radially etched sides, laser-etched lid and is available in 10 of the traditional Homegrown® colors.

Custom Cali Crusher Grinder

Cali Crusher offers you the opportunity to create the ideal custom grinder for yourself or your family and friends. Customizable in many ways, you can add text, upload your own photos, or pick from a library of usable templates and stock photos. There's even a 3D model of your personalized grinder available before you purchase.

Your design will be etched with a laser in its distinctive brilliant gray and sections at the top and bottom can be customized. But please be patient and allow production 2-3 days, and keep en eye on your email inbox for the final proof approval request or it might never go into production! Their customer service is amazing so any inquiries or specific requests regarding customization can be directly addressed with them.

Jar Head Homegrown

The Homegrown® Jar Head is available and is a great compliment to store your already ground bud by premixing them with your herbal blends! Herbal enthusiasts can effectively grind and store in style thanks to this invention. This unique accessory is a high-volume designer two-piece that was created to fit the Regular Mouth Pint Ball Mason Jar.

It is made of class II anodized protected, 6061 aircraft aluminum, and has a bead-blasted scratch-resistant surface. Its innovative radial cut blades provide the ideal grind and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Between grinds, the jar is sealed with a regular canning disk. While grinding, its magnetic cover also serves as disk storage. Their drop-hole design has been improved to allow more herbs to fall easily into storage. Over 2 ounces of grind can be stored in the pint jar (supplied). Additionally, the Jar Head fits any jar with a regular mouth.

O.G Cali Crusher

Since 2010, the classic O.G. Cali Crusher® has been a consumer favorite in the grinder industry and has gained popularity. Their CNC Machined Grinders are one solid piece of aircraft aluminum, in contrast to other imported grinders that might have melted metals of different origins. Its blade plate won't ever come loose or start spinning.

Your favorite legal smokable herbs will be crushed into a fluffy consistency using the design's diamond-cut teeth. The Cali Crusher grinding consistency is a good way to keep your bowls consistently packed and your fingers clean. The O.G. is without a doubt the best grinder you'll find at this price, although wooden grinders are a great eco-friendly alternative that has some of the same properties.

  • CNC solid aluminum that has been machined
  • Blades with a traditional diamond cut for crushing
  • Textured lid for simple handling
  • Top chamber with magnets
  • Pollen collecting chamber at bottom with stainless steel micron filter
  • Included is a pollen scraper
  • Height: 1.45" Diameter: 2.32"

OG Slick

With the OG Slick, a high-end, attractive, and reasonably priced non-stick grinder, you can quickly and expertly prepare your dry herb. The OG Slick's construction with aircraft-grade aluminum guarantees maximum performance and sturdiness. Its pointed, diamond-shaped teeth produce an effective grinding motion and a smooth twist. This grinder offers superior control for a precision grind and is durable and sturdy. Simple to transport, use, and maintain. You won't ever need another herb grinder after this one.

Power Coated O.G

The standard O.G. Since its release in 2010, it is at the origin of the brand's success and it's the grinder with one of the best bang for your buck on the market to this day. For people who prefer non-slip handling, this model has been recently made available in a new matte-rubberized, powder coat finish!

Cali Crusher Pocket Size

It also comes in portable pocket size for instant and easy grind for every and anywhere you go.

Other Devices from this manufacturer

The following devices are available and can be purchased at your favorite online headshop or local smoke shop :

Cali Crusher Hydra

The endurance of aircraft-grade aluminum and all the advantages of a high-end glass bubbler are combined in the HYDRA® thanks to careful engineering. In a nutshell, it consists of a polycarbonate main chamber and glass covered in a metal shield. The HYDRA® redefines what a durable, well-made pipe is supposed to be. Additionally, it is easy to put together and take apart thanks to its patented "Quicklock" technology, making cleaning with soap and water a breeze. The first of its type is a three-in-one pipe.

The Traveler Portable Chillum

The Traveler® 16mm glass chillum shielded by Homegrown® 6061 anodized aluminum has been available for a few years now and gathered raving reviews. Two O-ring fittings keep the glass in place, and the silicone mouthpiece is grooved for hands-free use. Until you are ready to light up, your bowl is kept securely packed by our magnetic lid. For cleaning, it may be taken apart entirely, and each part can be bought separately.

Cali Crusher Sherlock

You might say that Sherlock is powerful, maybe too powerful! Designed to stand upright and made by hand from 25mm borosilicate. Its tapered mouthpiece provides an extra steady draw and fits nicely against your lips. The spin on the classic Sherlock is sure to get people talking.

Cali Crusher Grinder Case

The Cali Grinder Case is ideal for travel because it will conceal your grinder and keep it secure. This innovative case has an activated carbon lining that makes it odor-proof and is composed of weather-resistant materials. Your prized grinder and devil's lettuce stockpile are kept safe by a lockable zipper, and 2 matching keys are included.

The case is compatible with small and medium-sized grinders and has a padded interior to avoid damage. It is 3.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 3 inches.

Cali Crusher 4-Way Grinders: The Best Way to Grind Your Weed

Presenting the ground-breaking Homegrown 4-piece Grinder. These premium grinders are constructed in the United States from a base of 6061 aerospace aluminum and finished with type II anodizing and sandblasting. With just an 1/8th of a turn, their revolutionary 4-Way Quick Lock System enables quick and simple disassembly and reassembly. No more fumbling with tiny threads or stressing over jamming or cross-threading.

Color Variation of Cali Crusher

The color options for Cali Crusher Grinders are likewise varied, and include, among others, black, silver, blue, pink, red, gold, green and purple.

The Cali Crusher Grinder Design

Depending on the model, designs from this manufacturer may vary. Their regular device contains a filter screen that works to filter kief and fairly conventional diamond teeth.

Additional distinctive features of the Homegrown series include Quicklock technology, which renders it impossible to thread the grooves on the grinder. In order to optimize the amount of herb that may be ground at once, the teeth also feature a distinctive design.

To make scraping simpler, Homegrown has a detachable screen and a rounded bottom kief collector chamber. While the crank top grinders have a pencil sharpener-style mechanism that allows you to spin the crank, the clear top grinders have a clear plastic top that lets you view the grinding process in action.

Features of Cali Crusher

Patented technology

This company has patented some of their technology throughout the year to support their goal of providing a consistent grind every time.

Price points

Cali Crusher offers products that come in a wide span of price points that is sure to fit any budget and any preferences.

Quarter turn

Each of their grinder models has a quarter turn locking mechanism that is easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cali Crusher

Does Cali Crusher Offer A Warranty?

Their website specifies that the grinders built by this company are not scratch or dent proof, just scratch resistant. Scratches, dents, and other user-caused damages are not covered by the warranty. If you bought your product on Amazon instead of the direct retail channel, the warranty only applies to things purchased from the official Cali Crusher® amazon account and not any of their resellers. Customers who desire to proceed with a warranty replacement must present evidence of purchase to make sure there is no fraud involved. You can also check their warranty page for all the details.

What Material is Cali Crusher Made of?

These grinders are constructed of high-quality aluminum that has been anodized, so you never have to worry about it's paint slipping off and contaminating your herb or herbal rolling filler. Each of them we've gotten a chance to use has maintained a good level of sharpness with the teeth, so you should be able to roll easily for a long time without experiencing any degradation in performance or grind because of the teeth's strength.

Before being packaged and shipped out to customers, the medical grade aluminum is ultrasonically cleaned to make sure any impurity is removed. Though they may differ from model to model, they are generally considered heavy duty.

What is a 5 piece grinder?

One of the most advanced types of weed grinders is a 5- or Multi-Piece Grinder. It gives you additional usefulness and finely ground herbs because of its unique design. A magnetic lid made from neodymium rare earth magnets, sharp grinder teeth, and a choice of interchangeable ordinary or extra-fine kief screens, and a kief catcher are all included in a five-piece grinder.

How do you use a Cali Crusher?

Pretty easy, just like you'd use any other dry herb grinder! Simply place the dry herb in the top chamber, then reseal and twist. You are able to gather all of that precious kief utilizing the fine stainless steel mesh screen to save and use later. The lid won't ever pop off while in your bag, which is a terrific way to sabotage your day and has occurred to many of us previously thanks to the strong action of the neodymium magnet. Its 2.5" diameter makes it suitable for grinding reasonable quantities of regular-sized nuggets while yet being easily portable.

Common grinders concentrate on chopping up your herb into tiny pieces, but they can also produce dense grinds that are harder to burn. The Cali Crusher's teeth are created specifically to chop and fluff your buds, resulting in a beautiful, pillowy mound of herb. In addition, there is a lifetime warranty against damage for the extra-wide teeth. Utilize the Cali Crusher to grind as if there were no tomorrow!

What is the Best Grinder for Kief?

It depends. The sole approach to determine how well a cannabis grinder might collect kief is to hunt for one that boasts the micron-size of its screen if you're searching for the finest kief, but you can still recover the leftovers from your grind with a simple grinder, although be wary of humidity and repeated uses that will stick to the edges and require you to do a good cleanup once in a while.

How to Remove Kief From Your Grinder

The ideal way may occasionally be to lightly tap your screen with a pen or other tiny instrument in order to push extra kief into the kief tray.

You could also put your grinder in the freezer. Trichomes that are warm are sticky and difficult to move, whereas trichomes that are cold are more brittle and simpler to knock off and gather.

A little brush for your marijuana grinder is the final item. Between grinds, you may keep your grinding clean by brushing it out. Additionally, if your grinder has threads, this will aid in preventing it from being stuck.

Is Cali Crusher a Good grinder?

Since they provide numerous models and styles in a range of pricing ranges and features, it would be hard to say that they aren't.

Their regular grinder is a solid option with good grinding quality and a variety of color schemes, whereas their 4 and 5 piece units provide a more complete approach to the matter.

We recommend using a small grinder for your on-the-go activities and investing in a bigger one for your use at home.

Using Cali Crusher Grinders for Smokable Herbs

Although recognized as amongst the top quality grinders on the market for smoking your favorite legal herb, they may also be used on CBD or THC free smokable items like lavender, skullcap and other herbal blends.

The Julep Herbal Blend is an assortment of energizing and revitalizing smokable herbs that may be combined with citrus-flavored terpene profile products or rolled on their own.

The Exhale Blend is an expertly crafted blend of smokable herbs that can be smoked on its own or to enhance a particular terpene profile.

The Inhale Blend is the most discreet and lightest flavor profile. It is designed for purists that like to enjoy the terpene aromatic profile of their favorite Herb without masking or overpowering it, but simply extending their experience.

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