Herbal Blends Frequently Asked Questions

Did you just discover you could smoke herbs other than tobacco and cannabis?

No worries bud, we got you covered with this detailed guide about our smokable herbs and smokable flowers mixes, commonly called herbal blends or as we affectionately call our products : herbal rolling fillers. 

If you read through this quick guide and are still left yearning for more information about herbs that can be smoked afterwards, just head over to our Herbal Academy Blog here for information on every herb that can be smoked and interesting smoking blend recipes! 

Q: What are your Herbal Blends for?

A: At Meo Marley's, we create and manufacture unique recipes of premium herbal blends made from carefully selected natural ingredients of the best quality.

For a simple comparison, our products are like what Tonic is to Gin, but for your favorite legal smokable herb! Like Tonic, they contain no active compounds and can be consumed on their own, but they are conceived to elevate the responsible smoker's experience.

Our blends can be smoked alone in herbal cigarettes as a natural alternative to tobacco, mixed with your favorite Legal Herb or even infused in hot water with some lemon & honey for a clean, smooth and flavorful experience!

We also carry a variety of ethically sourced practical and ecofriendly smoking accessories and smoking supplies for smoke shops and headshops in Canada at competitive prices to minimize the negative impacts of smoking on consumers and the environment alike.

Q: What is your Inhale Smoking Blend like?

A: Our Inhale Smoking Blend is designed to be as neutral as a smoking herbal blend can get and mimic your favorite herb in every way, from the odor, to the taste and even the look!

This premium herbal smoking blend consists of a mix of smokable herbs and smokable flowers, including Mullein, Moringa, Uva Ursi and Marjoram and is available in formats of 1/4 oz (7g), 1/2 oz (14g), 1oz (28g) and a bundle pack of 1/4lbs.

We recommend this product to recreative smokers that enjoy the taste of their base herb and want to keep its integrity but still desire a less costly and completely nicotine free alternative to tobacco for herbal cigarettes.

Q: What is your Exhale Smoking Blend like?

A:  Our Exhale Smoking Blend offers a slightly aromatic profile reminiscent of thyme and white pepper provided by a base of Damiana and supported by the use of Blueberry Flower for a finished product with a beautifully vibrant blue look.

This premium herbal smoking blend consists of a mix of smokable herbs and smokable flowers, including Mullein, Passionflower, Damiana and Cornflower and is available in formats of 1/4 oz (7g), 1/2 oz (14g), 1oz (28g) and a bundle pack of 1/4lbs.

Using this blend will also change the odor of your other herbs mixed in with smoking, making it ideal to mask the pungent skunk-like odors some herbs can leave when smoked indoors or when you’re accompanied by non-smokers. 

Q: What is your Julep Smoking Blend like?

A: Our Julep Smoking Blend is our most savory herbal rolling filler providing a subtle minty aftertaste and an awesomely smooth burning sensation making it a great complement to any type of legal herb.

This premium herbal smoking blend consists of a mix of smokable herbs and smokable flowers, including Mullein, Lemon Balm, Sage and Sweet Mint and is available in formats of 1/4 oz (7g), 1/2 oz (14g), 1oz (28g) and a bundle pack of 1/4lbs.

Q: What makes your smokable herbs special?

A: Our selection of natural herbal smoking blends are designed to mimic the consistency of your favorite recreational herbs to smoke. They bring different levels of aromatic flavors for an enjoyable rolling, smoking, vaping and sensory experience tailored to each user's preferences.

We do not transform any ingredients in our herbal smoking blends other than carefully removing all the stems that could puncture your paper during the rolling as well as grinding them to the ideal consistency to take up the right volume while rolling and have the perfect burning timings when lit.

You can also roll our herbal blends on their own as herbal cigarettes for a natural alternative to tobacco and to help quit smoking or stop smoking entirely.

Q: Does your herbal blends procure any effects on the body or mind?

A: Our products are 100% food-grade and effect-free. There is no cannabis, no tobacco, no artificial flavorings nor any active compounds (including but not limited to CBD and THC) in any of our herbal blends or other products.

Whilst all of the natural herbs and flowers we use in our products each have their own rich history and recommended uses in natural healing disciplines, we do not claim in any way that our products can have beneficial effects when smoked or ingested.

Q: How many herbal smoking blend recipes do you carry in your store?

A: We carry three Signature Herbal Blend Recipes, the Inhale Blend, the Exhale Blend and the Julep Blend on a permanent basis and also offer Limited Edition smokable herb mixes that focuses on seasonally relevant ingredients to offer new and innovative smoking experiences to our customers.

Q: Where do you buy your herbs and flowers for herbal blends?

A: Our ingredients for our signature herbal rolling fillers are sourced from trusted importers of organic herbs in Canada that source and inspect premium dried ingredients from around the world.

All of our herbs are kept in a rigorously controlled environment from start to finish in order to achieve an optimal moisture level for smoothness and long-term stability as per Health Canada and FDA requirements.

Q: How are your herbal blends packaged?

A: We package our 100% natural herbal smoking blends in our odorless reusable and recyclable screwcap tin cans and seal them with shrinkable ecofriendly oxo-biodegradable plastics.

Before packaging, we de-stem, carefully grind each ingredient individually through our specialized equipment and blend the various herbs according to our Master Blender's signature recipes to attain the perfect consistency required for an effortless rolling experience and optimal texture for burning.   

Q: How are your smoking herbs shipped?

A: We ship all our herbal smoking blends and ecofriendly smoke shop supplies in heavy-duty eco-friendly biodegradable mailers.

We package orders in the regular or bubble mailers depending on the contents of the order to ensure no damage to our smoking accessories and herbal blends can occur during transport.

We offer regular and express shipping through Canada Post / USPS as well as express options with other carriers. 

For all our shipping times, fees, returns or refund information, please consult our policies pages.

Q: What can I smoke that is safe or healthy?

A: Simply put, any type of smoking is dangerous to your health, from tobacco to cannabis, including herbal blends, alternative cigarettes or herbal cigarettes. The action of smoking produces tar and carbon monoxide which is inherently toxic for the human body. The big "advantage" to natural smokable herbs is that it contains no active compounds that affect your body or mind like THC or CBD and no addictive substances like Nicotine, which makes it a perfect way to better control your dosages and stay #highlyfunctional!

Our smokable herbs and smoking mixes are meant to be smoked on their own or with legal herbs by 21+ responsible adults.

Q: Then why smoke herbal blends instead of cigarettes?

A: Our herbal rolling filler offers various advantages to recreational smokers that are completely unrelated to health : 

Smokable herbs for flavor

Extremely smooth herbal smoke that can reduce the harshness sensation of smoking significantly.

Varying intensity levels to reduce the smell and taste of all your smokable herbs like you want.

Natural herbs for smoking cessation

A tobacco-free alternative or natural tobacco substitute, nicotine-free quit smoking aid.

Helps reduce and control expensive herb consumption, each 28g pack of Meo Marley's Herbal Smoking Blends can save you up to 4 packs of cigarettes or 100$ in other expensive legal herbs!

Legal Smokable Herbs

All our herbal blends are food-grade and can be vaped, smoked or used as a natural tea with some honey or lemon.

Nicotine, CBD, THC free, 100% natural, no additives or pesticides.

Perfect for spliffs, herbal dry vaporizers, smoking pipes and more. A wide selection of natural flavors with constantly evolving limited edition smokable herb mixes.

Q: Is it illegal to smoke herbs? 

A: No it is perfectly legal to smoke any food-grade herb like we use in our premium herbal rolling fillers in the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia and pretty much every country, although each country has its own set of labeling and warning regulations that are required to be followed.

Q: What herbs to smoke for energy?

A: You could smoke pretty much any herb for energy, as long as it's accompanied by something with Caffeine or Theine like any style of coffee or tea, heck even a Cola, because no smokable herb has been yet proven to grant any amount of energy.

P.S. Anybody who tries to market their smokable herbs to you this way is either dishonest or doesn't read much.

Q: What herbs to smoke for anxiety?

A: There are a lot of herbs that could be smoked to help with anxiety, but only if accompanied by a mix of a healthy lifestyle, a good therapy treatment and / or medicine (traditional or natural) recommended by a healthcare professional because no smokable herb has yet been proven to help with anxiety.

P.S. Anybody who tries to market their smokable herbs to you this way is either dishonest or doesn't read much.

Q: What herbs can you smoke to help sleep?

A: Several smokable herbs could help sleeping according to reports on Reddit, Erowid and some natural healing blogs, but no scientific data currently supports the statement that smoking any natural herb could help with sleeping problems.

Drink a herbal tea with some Chamomile and smoke a spliff, that'll put the odds in your favor to fall asleep unless you have severe insomnia, in which case we're very empathetic to your case and we'd love to send you some free products, who knows you might find a great placebo! 

P.S. Anybody who tries to market their smokable herbs to you this way is either dishonest or doesn't read much.

Q: What herbs can you smoke for stomach pains?

A: You could theoretically smoke a lot of different herbs to help with stomach pain, but that doesn't mean it has any real effect on your body. There are currently no studies that support the claim that smoking any herb could help with stomach pains.  

Take a shot of Pepto-Bismol, drink a flat Ginger Ale and think positive, it'll pass we believe in you. 

P.S. Anybody who tries to market their smokable herbs to you this way is either dishonest or doesn't read much.

Q: Can I smoke herbs while pregnant?

A: The fact that you need to ask this question nowadays means that somewhere in the world, an education system is lacking some severe funding for the kids.

One more time for the people in the back : NO, YOU SHOULD NOT SMOKE ANYTHING WHILE PREGNANT. 



Are you left with questions even after reading this FAQ and our in-depth smokable herbs articles? No worries!

Get in touch with us and we'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

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