Everything to know about Yocan Vapes

The Yocan vapes brand name is rising in popularity due to their signature sleek designs, easy portability, and simple operation. If you're looking for a new vape, Yocan is definitely an option to consider. In this article, we'll give you a detailed overview of Yocan vapes, including who they are, how their products work, and guide you to some of the best models of vaporizers on the market, no matter if you prefer dry herbs or concentrates.

The Evolution of The Vapes:

Humans have been smoking tobacco leaves through pipes or other means through cultures and ages without knowing its adverse effects. That is, until in 1798, when Dr. Benjamin Rush was the first scientist to publish a study that concluded that smoking tobacco can cause multiple diseases, which we later learned included, but was not limited to, reproductive harm, cancer and emphysema.

Still, the tobacco industry grew strong and in the 19th century cigarettes were introduced en masse in the United states. People shifted from smoking tobacco in a pipe to smoking it in the shape of cigarettes, usually already rolled and sold in packs, which made smoking cigarettes even easier and popular. Some people knew about the adverse effects of nicotine by now, but there were no readily available nicotine-free substitutes to tobacco for them to get rid of their addiction and they certainly didn't consult their physician before use!

People have been trying to find a substitute for cigarettes to satisfy their smoking urges, but something that did not contain nicotine and that had nice flavors was hard to find, until vapes came along!

Although it took several decades and thousands of studies for lawmakers to take action against the tobacco industry and consumers to change their habits, in 2003 Chinese scientist Hon Lik invented the "e-cigarette" as he felt the need to stop smoking, and vaping was born.

Since then the industry has evolved quite a bit, from standardizing the quality of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin compounds used to make the e-liquids, to implementing serious measures to keep these alternative tobacco products away from the reach of children including sometimes quite intimidating warnings that were pioneered by the state of California.

Nowadays, vaping is the second most popular way for recreational cannabis consumers to enjoy their weed and keeps rising in popularity as it allows a good control on the effects and a significantly lower cost due to having to use less product.

Yocan Vapes:

There's always a little something special about a brand that sits at the top of its industry.

In Yocan’s case, that would be their ingenuity. Established in 2013, Yocan put a focus on providing quality products with minimal profit so that vaping could be accessible to everyone, no matter their available budget. They now design and sell products with a focus on performance and minimizing health risks from the act of smoking.

Yocan has been coming up with innovative products since its inception almost 10 years ago and have a list of patented products that leverage innovative technology and user-friendliness. One of their first patented products was the quartz dual coil design in the Evolve Plus Vape, which is now used in several of their other products in one form or another. 

Yocan Technology is based in Shenzhen, China but also have their own subsidiary in the US that distributes a fine list of vaporizers for dry herb and wax concentrates alike. The two most famous products of Yocan vapes are the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer and the Yocan HIT.

The Yocan R&D department continually works to innovate and produce high-quality products with a long lifespan. Even though they are of good quality and you shouldn't encounter issues in the short term, all of the products of Yocan vapes are backed by a robust warranty to make sure your investment is safe.

What is a Yocan Device?

The Yocan vaporizer devices are portable, easy-to-use vaporizers perfect for on-the-go vaping. In a competitive dry herb vaping market, Yocan devices are an economic solution supported by good performance. Their devices use cutting-edge technology which prevents their devices to generate unwanted high temperatures that could affect the user's enjoyment or the quality of the product being vaped.

How big is the Yocan Product Line?

Yocan Vape products are some of the most popular on the market, and that can be seen by the quantity of models they offer. While Yocan devices are renowned for being one of the best products with average pricing and good quality, some higher-end models may be a lot more expensive than others. With that being said, if you already own a vaporizer from a competitor and are looking to switch, Yocan made sure that their device is simple to use so that people switching from other brands do not face any problems.

Yocan Vape Price Range :

As previously stated, Yocan vapes are great vaporizers for those on a budget. Their prices vary from $12.99 to $89.99 depending on the product.

Yocan Vaporizers Product List

Yocan Vape Pens:

The Yocan vape pens are a great way to enjoy your favorite e-liquids and oils, whether it's CBD or THC. Their latest mouthpieces come with a built-in stirrer so that users can get the most bang for their bucks and not waste any precious concentrate.

Yocan Dab Pens:

The Yocan line of wax vaporizers with portable and consumer-friendly devices built with excellent material keeping safety in mind. Yocan evolves plus Wax Vape is one of its best products.

Yocan Dry Herb Vaporizers:

Yocan has safe devices to convert dry herbs into vapors you can inhale. The excellent built quality with sleek designs of dry herb vaporizers makes them unique from their competitors. They use solid material with brilliant technology which controls heat efficiently so that overheating do not cause combustion or a burnt smell.

Essentially, Yocan got rid of the technology which made the process of vaping dry herbs complicated or unenjoyable for customers. Two of their pioneer dry herb vaporizers are Yocan Evolve-D and Yocan Evolve-D Plus, You can use a variety of smokable dry herbs like the one we offer at Meo Marley's depending on what flavor profile you're aiming for, whether it's a flavorful herbal smoking blend or a neutral tasting herbal blend.

Yocan Uni Pro Dry Herb Vape

This high-end device is an updated version of their flagship Yocan Uni. It boasts a lightweight 650mAh Battery with precise voltage settings and has an elegant look with additional functionality buttons. It's an awesome portable unit as it only measures 1.4 inches wide and only over an inch taller in size.

All Yocan Vaporizer Models with Price

Yocan herbal and wax vaporizers have a vast list of products with different models and prices for each unit. We have compiled a list of Yocan devices still on the market in 2022 with suggested retail pricings to help you make an informed decision.

Are Yocan vapes good?

Determining if a brand is good or bad doesn't only rely on their product quality, but their e-commerce experience and their after-sales services, from customer assistance to easily replaceable parts. Yocan seems to have put the mechanisms in place to cover all of those considerations pretty well, supported by a generous warranty program. Different quality devices definitely determines the quality of the experience, so entry level products like the Kodo Box Mod at 12.99$ certainly won't perform as much as their more expensive Evolve Plus XL.

Understanding how vapes can perform differently based on a combination of different parts that end up making the device is important when browsing for the best vaporizer, so here's a bit more information on the specifications of each part of the Yocan vape devices.

Yocan Vaporizer Cartridges (Carts):

Yocan's box mod batteries include chambers that accept cartridges and conceal them from view. Which means you use it privately without flaunting it. Furthermore, the fact that you can use 510-threaded cartridges on your box mod battery, As it protects from twisting and breaking when the cartridge is kept within the box mod battery.

Yocan Vape Charger:

To provide you with the best Yocan Battery charging experience, most Yocan Chargers use both a USB connection and 510 threaded couplings. The charger includes an LED light indicator that indicates whether or not the battery is charging. It also offers good quality batteries with bigger in size. Yocan Hit with 1400mAh battery size is one of their famous devices but you can find miniature devices that have a shorter duration of use at under 500mAh batteries.

Yocan Vape Coils:

Coils can make or break a company in this business. As they are the critical part of the vaporizers that properly heats the expensive products to the right temperature for vaping, and Yocan knows it.

Ceramic and quartz are the two materials normally used in Yocan coils. Quartz transfers the heat really quickly and ceramic has amazing heat retention properties for use in vapes, which is why the various Yocan devices have used quartz and ceramic in their coils so extensively over the years, even going as far as combining it with dual quartz atomizers and quad coil setups.

Yocan uses Ceramic coils for customers who prefer to remain discreet. Its ability to heat your herbs at a low-temperature level allows it to create thin puffs of clouds, ideal for dabbing while you are out. Yocan vaporizers also offer smart heating technology which makes their products distinctive and ensures that users have a healthy vaping experience

Yocan Vape Magnets:

Yocan vapes boasts magnetic rings as an essential part of their products. Because of its unique design style, Yocan vape magnets provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity which enhances the performance of the vaporizer. It is easy to use.

Using Yocan for Vaporizing Herbal Blends

Yocan dry herb vaporizers are also a great way to replace your tobacco addiction by vaping dry herbs like the one we offer at Meo Marley's for recreational smokers that wish to have all the benefits of a flavorful experience, without the risks of smoking cannabis or tobacco.

Vaping has become famous among adult smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco but can't really quit the habit. Many people tend to move to dry herb vaping as it possesses less addictive substances as well as it is safer than tobacco smoking, and these products are currently not regulated under general drug administration guidelines, so there is technically no legal smoking age to respect.

Furthermore, the fact that vaping does not involve combustion is a massive difference for regular users in their daily life. Dry herbs inhaled from the result of combustion creates toxic by-products that cause numerous health risks, including tar and carbon monoxide.

Staying far away from nicotine or smoke in general is the main reason why dry herb and Cannabis users are always on the lookout to find quality vaping devices. . The one unique selling proposition of Yocan is that they keep their products simple and easy to use. So someone new to their brand will not have to suffer to understand the usage of products.

Not just that they have market competitive prices which enable every vape user to afford their units like Yocan evolve 3-in-1, Yocan Hit and Yocan Falcon 6-in-1 in herb niche and Yocan orbit Vape pen, and Yocan stix 2.0 Pen in Wax Vaporizers and Oil niche.

For dry herb users, it is important in a vape to have excellent temperature control and battery life along with a solid body and portable design. The product unit must be handy and should have a decent height and diameter to carry easily. You can find all of these qualities in Yocan vaporizers. You can find herbal blends at MeoMarley’s to have a flavorful experience of dry herbs with Yocan Vaporizers.

Yocan Vape Problems and Solutions

Whenever a company launches a product, its customers face some issues regarding that product. And to know the answers to those problems usually, people care to ask companies. But also they try to find solutions on the internet without waiting for an answer from the company regarding the issue of that product or unit. Here we are trying to answer some of those questions that Yocan vape users face.

Why is my Yocan blinking 3 times?

Usually, we see this problem when the center pin of the cartridge is out and is pushed in, resulting in a short, and UNI mod flashes three times. If the problem is still there please contact Yocan vaporizers.

How to turn off Yocan vape?

This is one of the basic question users of Yocan hit and vape pen asks. But the answer is the same for almost all users of Yocan products. To turn off Yocan vape you need to tap the power button five times quickly.

How do you use a Yocan vape pen?

To know how to use Yocan vape pen or any other product or unit please visit Yocan Manual page.

How to charge Yocan vape?

Well, the process could vary from old models to new models but the basic idea of charging is simple.

  • Plug-in USB charger.
  • The green light will turn on.
  • Screw the battery into the charger.
  • The red light will flash.
  • The light on the charger will turn red.
  • When the Charger light turns green, it means the battery is charged.

Is Your Yocan Vape Under Warranty?

Yocan offers a 30day warranty so any problem with your vape will not have an impact on your budget.

Is your Yocan Vape Not Working?

Easy! Yocan offers quality customer service either by chatting with their customer representative on their website, filing an online ticket for support or simply writing them an email.

Can I return a Yocan Vape?

Yocan allows the return for 15 days after delivery. But only unopened and unused items.

Yocan Competitors

The below brands are part of the most popular vape brands on the market and offer similar products to Yocan :

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  • kandy pens vape
  • MiG vapor
  • kandy pens vape
  • apx vape
  • g pen vape
  • airvape vape
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  • airis vape
  • white rhino vape
  • ryot vape
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  • cali crusher vape
  • famous x vape
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  • ghost vape
  • black mamba vape
  • flowermate vape
  • vivant vape
  • flowermate vape
  • zeus vape
  • focus vape

As Yocan Vape keeps aiming to make better and cheaper vaping products for their customers so that they can benefit from a smokeless alternative to smoking, you can bet you'll see more of this brand in the future.

Here you can read more about the history of vaping.

We at MeoMarley's offer different herbal blends which will make your vaping experience delightful.

Can you smoke Calamus? You can find it here.

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