All About OCB Rolling Papers

OCB Rolling Paper is a prominent brand known for over 100 years for producing high-quality smoke papers. Its history is distinctive and specifically linked to the excellence that distinguishes it as a premium brand. The peculiarity of the brand is not just in the name but in its story, a love story that lasted over 200 years.

The OCB paper is solely natural and eco-friendly, made from African Acacia gum (hardened sap from trees), it's of high quality and has a thin nature which makes it suitable for your herbal blends. The paper is made of water and wood pulp that is then processed into sheets.

Read further to gain an insight into the rich history of OCB, what the products are made of, and the various products available for your use.

What Does OCB Stand for?

The history of the company is represented by each letter. As a result, it will always be remembered in their name since their history is crucial to how their business is currently conducted. OCB is proud to have been one of the original rolling paper manufacturers in the world, and they wanted to guarantee that this legacy will live on forever.

River Odet, O: The western French river named Odet is denoted by the letter O. It extends all the way into the Atlantic Ocean from Saint Goezec. It is well-known for its stunning natural surroundings, vast tracts of woodland, and plenty of old structures.

Mill C - Cascedec Paper: C is an abbreviation for Cascedec Paper Mill. OCB leased this paper mill in 1893; it was situated in Scaer, France. They were selling cotton paper, letter paper, and muslin paper.

B- Bollores: The Bolloré family is represented by the letter B. The first paper mill for OCB was established on the Odet River in 1822 by brothers René Corentin and Guillaume Claude Bolloré. This marked the start of a protracted chain of six generations of Bolloré paper makers.

History of OCB

The first Odet paper mill was discovered in 1822, this is where everything started. The mill was established by René Corentin Bolloré (1793–1838) and his older brother Guillaume Claude Bolloré alongside the Odet River in Ergue-Gaberic France. This river was very significant in generating mill power which helped in paper production. This was the groundwork for a family of Bolloré "paper-makers" that would last for six generations.

The first few years were a bit difficult for them, their major focus was letter paper, cotton paper and muslin paper till 1917 when there was a collaboration. In 1917, the brothers were able to buy Mill Cascadec in Scar, since then they have produced high-quality rolling papers.

The OCB brand was established in 1918 which marked the commencement of their famed Rolling Papers. In 1922, the brand launched its paper with eight straight days of dancing, carousels, gymnasts, and parades, more than 500 people joined the party before it ended. The brand first entered the US in 1930 and since then OCB has successfully expanded to 6 of the 7 continents.

A major focus of the brand has always been textile fiber. In 2009, the brand produced its first 100% natural rolling paper from organic hemp sourced from France. In 2019, OCB USA released Virgin paper for the first time, an unbleached ultra-thin paper made from sustainable wood fibres which are also eco-friendly and suitable for your smoke blends. Then in 202O, OCB USA released a product made from bamboo, an ultra-thin, slow-burning paper that brings out the best from your smoking experience.

An amazing thing about this brand is its consistent and persistent drive in the industry. The quality of the products has stood the test of time, thanks to the founder's tenacity up until the trusted OCB brand of today.

OCB Brand Products

There are various products available under this brand, let's take a look at their variety of products:

  • Joint OCB Rolling paper
  • No rolling required (cones)
  • Rolling tools

Joint OCB Rolling Paper

This brand has been able to make varieties of rolling papers over the years that suit your smoking desires and experience. Below are some available rolling papers from the brand to smoke your joint:

OCB Brown Rice

A special mix of rice and organic hemp, your go-to rice fiber from France’s Camargue River delta, is sustainably harvested and is GMO-free.

  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • The ultra-thin slim papers are unbleached
  • A proper blend of rice, organic hemp, and natural acacia gum
  • It is free of chlorine and bleach-free
  • It burns evenly, has no tears and it is vegan

OCB Bamboo

It is made 100% from bamboo with a mixture of natural acacia gum. It is properly harvested and is GMO-free.

  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • It is totally made of bamboo
  • It is free of chlorine, bleach, dye, GMO
  • It burns evenly and is highly sustainable
  • It is made of bamboo and acacia gum

OCB Organic Hemp

This rolling paper is made from one of earth's most sustainable resources and is also eco-friendly. Production is made in France, making use of processes that are friendly to the environment. This results in a very thin and strong paper which also burns slowly.
  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • It is made from organic French hemp and natural acacia gum
  • The paper style is unbleached
  • It is organic, renewable and ethically harvested
  • It is free from chlorine, bleach, dye, GMO and tears

OCB Virgin

The lightweight smoking experience of this product comes from the ultra smoothness of the paper which gives a fulfilling taste for every puff. It is also extra-fine and all-natural which is suitable for your smoking blends.

  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • It is a 100% wood product
  • The paper style is unbleached
  • It is free from chlorine, bleach, dye, GMO, vegan, and tears

OCB Premium

This is one of their natural rolling papers and may be the most recognizable. This ultra-thin fan favorite is made with wood fibers that have been ethically harvested in order to provide rollers of all skill levels with a consistent slow burn and user-friendly experience.

  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • It is 100% wood made with natural acacia gum
  • It is ultra-thin and a natural white paper
  • It is free of chlorine and bleach-free
  • It burns evenly, has no tears and vegan
  • The cultivation of this paper is responsibly managed

OCB Solaire

The addition of OCB Solaire, which takes its name from the French word for "Solar," gives the brand a distinctive flair. Each pack includes 32 incredibly thin, slowly burning papers in addition to skillfully designed tips, giving you everything you need to take advantage of nature's gifts while smoking your herbal blend mix.

  • It comes in various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim, 1-1/4 + Tips, Slim + Tips
  • It is a mix of wood fiber and natural acacia gum
  • It is ultra-thin and a natural white paper
  • It is free of chlorine and bleach-free
  • It burns evenly, has no tears and vegan
  • The cultivation of the paper is responsibly managed

OCB Sophistiqué

The flax fibers utilized in this paper, which are from European farms, require less water to grow and less energy to process. Because the majority of the plant may be used, this considerably decreases waste thereby making this paper sustainable and an elegant travel companion for the environmentally conscious adventurer.

    • It is available in just one size: 1-1/4 + Tip
    • It is made of flax fibers and natural acacia gum
    • It burns slowly and is also ultra-thin
    • It is dye-free, chlorine-free, even-burning, no-tear, GMO-free, and vegan
    • The paper style is natural white
    • The cultivation of this paper is responsibly harvested

OCB Noir

This is a heavier stock, ungummed rolling paper made from natural wood, flax, and hemp fibers. It is a distinctive addition because it doesn't contain natural acacia gum to seal the deal.

This product is intended for traditional, old-school rollers who like the challenge of a minimalistic experience in their quest for unadulterated cannabis pleasure.

  • It comes in one size: Single Wide
  • It is a mix of wood, flax, and hemp
  • It burns slow and it is a heavier brand
  • It is ungummed, dye-free, chlorine-free, GMO-free, vegan, and no-tear
  • The cultivation of this paper is responsibly managed and harvested
  • The paper style is Natural white

The OCB X-Pert

This paper was designed with master rollers in mind. For the smoothest taste profile, this extremely thin natural wood fiber paper has a little relaxed weave. You can find a lot between these sheets if you're looking for peace with the natural world.

  • It has various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim Fit
  • The paper is thin and is Ultra slow in burning
  • It is a mix of wood fibers, natural acacia gum
  • It has a relaxed weave, smoothest smoke, dye-free, chlorine-free, even-burning, GMO-free, vegan, no-tear
  • The cultivation of this paper is responsibly managed

OCB Ultimate

The Ultimate rolling paper lives up to its reputation as being the thinnest in America. They are extremely silky, ultra-thin, and lovingly made to provide a smoking experience that is unmatched. If the papers were even thinner, they might not even be referred to as papers.

  • It has various sizes: 1-1/4, Slim + Tips
  • The paper is ultra-thin and is Ultra slow in burning
  • It is a mix of wood fibers and natural acacia gum
  • The paper style is natural white
  • It is the thinnest in the US, dye-free, chlorine-free, GMO-free, vegan, and no-tear
  • It's cultivation is responsibly managed

OCB Cones

The OCB cones are available in organic hemp, virgin and bamboo. It also shares the same properties as their paper and also have the same size and color, but it differs in shape for a whole new experience. It is mainly for those that are new to smoking and who find it difficult to roll a paper.

OCB Rolling Tools

This machine aids in rolling the paper. It helps non-experts roll their papers with the right smoke blend for a good and pleasant smoking experience. This brand has 3 major rolling tools.

Bamboo Rollers

This small, portable rolling device is lightweight and simple to use, giving you a quick, reliable roll repeatedly. It's only a plus that it's made of bamboo as it is a very sustainable material. It comes in various sizes (single wide, 1-1/4, and slim) you can select from, for a wonderful smoking experience that best suits you.

Classic Rollers

These lightweights, compact Classic Rollers, which feature a unique design, are as dependable as they come. The plastic-made product helps to assist even the most inexperienced smoker to discover harmony with the ideal roll each and every time. It is made in various sizes: single wide, 1-1/4, and slim.

Plant Composite Rollers

This little rolling machine is made of durable plant composite materials. You can find peace with nature at home or on the go, thanks to its classic and robust design which makes it the ideal travel companion.

OCB Paper Sizes

This brand has major 3 paper sizes:

1-1/4 paper (44mm x 77mm)

These sheets are as adaptable as they come thanks to their traditional, moderate proportions. They are the best choice for tiny cones and bombers.

Slim Papers (44mm x 109mm X-Pert: 40mm by 109mm)

It is big enough to share and also has ample room for some creativity. Slims are designed for social situations.

Wide Single Papers (36mm x 69mm)

Single-Wides are designed for individualized application and precision. They are a perfect choice for rollers who wish to get close to nature's gifts because they are OCB's smallest paper.

Frequently Asked Question About OCB Rolling Papers

Are OCB Papers Natural?

Every product from this brand is produced from natural and eco-friendly materials. These materials (wood, hemp, wood fiber, and bamboo) have unique properties that make your smoking experience worthwhile.

Do OCB Papers Come with Filter?

Some OCB papers come with filters while some don't. While making your orders you can select what to go for, either with filter tips or without filter tips.

Is OCB a Good Paper?

OCB rolling sheets are of great quality which has made them very sort after by cannabis enthusiasts. First, it is reliable, its watermark ensures that the joint burns gently and evenly after being lit, thus, you consistently enjoy your cannabis. The papers are also very thin which makes rolling easier and improves airflow through it. Its lightweight properties make the paper hold the joints comfortably.

Also, the brand is well known for keeping a close eye on the rolling paper as it goes through every stage of production, this reduces the tendency of buying a paper that won't roll or smoke well. The sheets are firm and strong and can't be easily torn which gives a good feel for all cannabis lovers. Lastly, the gum of the papers is consistently sticky ensuring a solid seal on the papers.

What is OCB Rolling Paper Made of?

They are made from natural fibers from plants like bamboo, flax, organic hemp, and wood. These fibers are processed and rolled into thin papers for a good smoking experience.

What is the Use of OCB Rolling Papers?

(Odet Cascadec Bollore) paper which is created in France is used to roll a variety of smoke blends and it is currently very popular in the smoking industry.

Where to Buy OCB Wholesales Rolling Paper Online?

There is always online access to their products and your favorite products can be delivered to your doorstep. These products are available on their website, Amazon, Alibaba and various online smoke stores like smoker outlets online, beamers, and smoke tokes, these are just a few.

Where to Buy OCB Rolling Paper in Shops Near Me?

They are available in smoke shops and drugstores near you.

Who Owns OCB Rolling Papers?

The brand is owned by Republic Tobacco. It is a United States-based company that deals with global wholesalers, distributors, and retailers of tobacco products. Its headquarters is based in the Glenview neighbourhood of Chicago.

Donald Levin was the founder of Republic Tobacco. He initially founded Adams Apple which was a little tobacco shop (which still exists, although it is no longer owned by Levin). After that, he entered the wholesale tobacco distribution business, expanding his business into the biggest roll-your-own tobacco company in the world.

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