13 Popular Ways to Consume Cannabis

13 Popular Ways to Consume Cannabis - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends


Whether you're interested in cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you must know that each approach to THC gets you that desired high in a very different way. Not sure where to begin with your weed adventure? You can't go wrong by investigating the numerous ways to intake marijuana, whether it's by smoking, vaping, orally or topically.

Although marijuana can be consumed in many different ways with its ongoing legalization in various countries, the most popular methods still remain allowing the lungs to absorb the THC or CBD compounds via smoking or vaping.

However, with the advance in manufacturing and standardization of cannabis potency, there are several other methods to consume weed that do not require any inhalation, regardless of combustion or vaporization.

Find below the best ways to smoke weed, and other creative cannabis intake methods that could be best suited for your own preferences!


Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Marijuana is not just more potent than it was when today's parents were growing up; it is also being utilized in novel ways to achieve a more significant and longer-lasting "high."

If you already have some experience with hemp- and cannabis-derived substances, such as CBD, you may wonder whether you can use the same methods to consume marijuana. Asking questions such as “Can you put water-soluble CBD under your tongue?” is perfectly natural, but you need to keep in mind that marijuana is something entirely different. Therefore, consumption methods that worked for CBD, may not work for marijuana.

It can be hard to determine how much is the right amount of cannabis to be consumed in different situations, as you might enjoy a heavy comatose high when you're at home, but that same feeling can create anxiety and discomfort in public or social environments. You may, however, begin by educating yourself on what's available and try out different things to see how your body and mind reacts, and eventually find the right formula for you.

As sourced from a popular Keystone dispensary, the following is a list of several methods by which people currently use weed in its different forms. Some of the methods outlined are for medicinal marijuana, while others may be more for recreational cannabis usage. Keep in mind, though, that any approach can still be abused, and that quality is (almost) always better than quantity.

Smoking Weed from Hand Pipes 

Photo by RODNAE Productions  

Hand pipes are tiny, portable smoking devices that are easy to use and come in various colors and shapes. Hand pipes, as a creative way to express oneself, come in various shapes that serve distinct roles, such as spoons (the most frequent), steamrollers, and chillums. Due to the lack of a filter, hand pipes are great for a short session and deliver the smoke directly through the user's lips. Be warned though, to get an equal burn and not waste any of your precious weed, you'll need to process it through a dry herb grinder.

Smoking Weed from Water Pipes 

Water pipes, often known as bongs, work similarly to ordinary hand pipes, except that they use water as a filter. Water retains any toxic components in the smoke from burning cannabis, producing a safer high. Furthermore, because no toxic substances are restricting your senses, you feel more, teaching yourself to believe that it is a more potent high. Water is poured into the pipe, the flame is held, and the bowl is lifted. When enough smoke is in the chamber, it is ready to be discharged.

Smoking Weed with Rolling Papers

Rolling papers, which vary depending on the substance used, are used to smoke blunts and joints. Joints are often rolled with paper — most frequently hemp, rice, and bamboo — and blunts are a cigar looking leaf that contains nicotine and adds a slight euphoric effect from the inhalation of nicotine.

Smoking a joint

A joint is the most frequently used term for dry flower cannabis processed in a weed grinder and rolled tightly in a rolling paper containing nothing else but the marijuana itself. Also called doobie and numerous other urban slang names varying from region to region, joints can greatly vary in sizes. With pins rolled in small papers and a small quantity of weed starting as low as 0.1g and go all the way to award winning joints of multiple ounces that include ridiculous amounts of cannabis that no single person could ever finish alone in a single smoke session.

Depending on the THC content, strain dominance (sativa, indica, hybrid) and terpenes, a joint's potency and effects can greatly vary, so we recommend you ask your friendly Budtender to indicate you what to purchase based on your preferences and habits and start low and slow, then gradually up the dosages until you've hit that sweet spot that you like.

Smoking a spliff

In the weed world, a spliff is the equivalent of what a cocktail would be to a straight shot of liquor. Traditionally mixed with tobacco, the cannabis flower is essentially diluted with something that does not contain active THC or CBD compounds. The spliff sub-culture is far and wide apart throughout different countries and comes down to personal preference, although it does have significantly more adepts in countries where cannabis flower is rarer because they need to make it last longer, and they are used to smoking hashish the same way.

Nowadays spliffs are accessible to people that hate the smell and/or taste of tobacco, or simply do not want to intake any nicotine, by mixing their ground dry bud with a herbal smoking blend that can complement, enhance or mask the terpene profile of their weed, but we affectionately call them herbal rolling fillers as they have no real use being smoked on their own. Note that these can also be rolled in a blunt, but there's no rule for what term takes priority.

Smoking a blunt

Photo by cottonbro studio

A blunt, sometimes called by the brand name Backwoods, is essentially a supersized joint rolled in a cured tobacco leaf that resembles a cigar wrap. Being notoriously hard to roll since tobacco leaves are either humid and sticky or dry and brittle (and it gets harder after each one you smoke!), this way of smoking is not for beginners, as blunts can get BIG, and we mean enough weed to make an elephant sleep kind of big (just think of how big a regular cigar wrap is). If you have trouble sleeping or simply wanna feel a little bit gangsta, smoking a blunt is definitely the right pick for you.

Other homemade or creative things you can smoke marijuana out of

If you don't have any smoking accessories on hand, we're of the philosophy that if you can think it, you can smoke out of it. Of course that's not always the case (you wouldn't smoke out of a BEAR would you?), but in general the following categories of items can be MacGyvered into ghetto smoking apparatus', with varying degrees of risks if you don't have any bong, rolling papers or blunts at home - so don't do this at home kids mmmkay!

Smoke out of fruits

Apple is definitely the most known fruit of all with its countless appearance in movies and TV shows being used as an improvised bong bowl or pipe, but pretty much any fruit big enough to put your mouth on can be smoked out of. The fruit's flesh acts as a natural filter as well as cools down the smoke, so it leaves you with a nice enjoyable smoke sesh.

Smoke out of a soda can

Brilliant idea, metal can't get into your lungs, the simplest way is just to smoke out of the side of a soda can, right? NOPE. Did you know that soda cans have a plastic lining inside so that the acidic food stabilizers don't eat through the metal with time? Plus, metal is conductive to heat (have you ever seen a metal bong???), so your quick bowl will have harsh resultant vapor from the intense heat you'll be inhaling. Word of advice : even if you're desperate, take a few minutes to go buy some rolling papers, bum a blunt out of your best buds or borrow your roommate's bong in exchange for a lil' bud, your lungs will thank you.

Smoke out of a plastic bottle

DON'T DO IT. C'MON DUDE REALLY DO WE REALLY NEED TO SAY IT? CANCEEEEEEEEEEER. Don't do it. Even if you're desperate, do not do it, when the smoke travels through the bottle it will heat up the PET and vaporize chemical compounds that are proven to cause cancer. Just go buy an apple for a quick hit or better yet, a pack of rolling papers to get you through the weekend.

What's the most efficient or easiest way to smoke weed?

Smoking out of a pipe, bong, one hitter or chillum really is the easiest. In terms of efficiency, all the one-hitters are as efficient as another if the same quantity is inhaled, but you can definitely get higher for the same quantity of weed with a huge hit from a bong or bubbler than a hand-held pipe for example.

What's the cleanest way to smoke weed?

The cleanest way to smoke weed is to not smoke at all! Jokes aside, rolling is definitely the single best way to make the bigger mess on your coffee table with cannabis, whereas smoking from a bong requires maintenance and regular cleaning if you don't want to inhale mold of some kind. With that being said, we find the cleanest way to smoke dry flower cannabis definitely is to smoke with a one-hitter chillum, as all you need to do is dip, pack and light and for oil or concentrate enthusiasts, a good dabbing rig is a safe investment to make the most out of your product.

To make sure you don't make a mess on your table, consider buying a wooden rolling tray and if you're on the go and need to roll cleanly without any hassle, check out our amazing transport stash station.  

What's the healthiest way to smoke weed?

There's no real healthy way to smoke weed no matter how you look at it or how you do it. What you can do though is take preventative measures to limit what is hurtful to the human body which are foreign objects in your lung, and inflammation from the smoke.

For the first part it's pretty easy, just use filter tips when rolling your joints, spliffs or blunts, it's a great way to filter out any solid pieces from being ingested.

For the second part it's a bit more complicated, but some new technology on the market replacing the classic glass pipe like Genius Pipe and

What's the best way to smoke cannabis or get high?

All ways are good ways of smoking weed are good according to us, although some ways with higher cannabinoids content like using a bubbler or a dabbing rig do seem to get you the most bang for your buck, like keeping a long draw in from your favorite bong for over a minute, guaranteed to drive results! That doesn't explain the weirdos that smoke through a gas mask (dude, you're intense. chill out.). If you do want that extra added kick, soaking your blunt or joint in hash oil and then dipping it into pure cannabinoid powder (kief) is a great way to get the job done without resorting to crazy, and costly, apparatus.

Using Cannabis Tinctures To Get High

Tinctures are alcohol-based solutions that contain cannabinoids like THC or CBD, produced from the cannabis plant. This potent, highly concentrated marijuana product produces a solid high that takes a few minutes up to an hour before kicking in and is a great way to carefully enjoy the effects of weed for those who have intense reactions. Drops of cannabis oil are usually placed beneath the tongue for rapid absorption. Several tinctures are indicated for use with medicinal marijuana. 

Eating Edibles To Get High

For those that have an unfillable carb hole, know that Marijuana may be baked or infused into various foods, snacks, and confectionery. A cake, cookie, cracker, gummy bear, lollipop, gums, chocolates, ice creams, cereals, granolas, and other delicacies can be found besides "pot brownies."

Ingesting THC Capsules To Get High 

Marijuana pills, also called "cannabis caps," pot pills, or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), is created by putting marijuana oil, wax, or another extract into prescription capsules. 


Applying CBD or THC Topical Creams To Get High

Topical oils are viscous extracts absorbed via the skin and used to treat muscular aches and pains. Topicals do not provide a "high" sensation and are primarily utilized for therapeutic purposes.

Smoking Hashish in Hookahs To Get High

Another way of smoking marijuana is that it provides a harsh, biting feeling. It isn't often utilized since cannabis burns quicker than it can be breathed, making it relatively wasteful in practice because massive amounts are required to achieve the same benefits as other methods. What distinguishes it is that it may be utilized by several individuals simultaneously.

Vaping Dry Flower Cannabis To Get High

Vaping is a safer option that provides fewer health hazards. Vaporizers are the most popular method of smoking marijuana among health-conscious consumers. How do they function? The vaporizer heats the cannabis to extract THC and CBD while keeping the temperature low enough to avoid dangerous pollutants from burning and leaving as smoke, enabling you to consume it as a raw vapor instead.

 Vaporizers evolve along with technology. Here are a few examples of the numerous commercially available alternatives accessible today:

Smoking Dabs (Shatter, Batter, Hash, Oil) To Get High

Dabs are a highly concentrated type of cannabis created by extracting THC using a solvent such as butane or carbon dioxide. Budder, wax, shatter, and butane hash oil are all names for this concentrated form of marijuana. Dabs are smoked in a dab rig or an e-rig after being heated on a hot surface, usually a nail. THC in concentrated form is often more powerful and produces a more intense high.

Tabletop Vaporizers for Weed 

Tabletop vaporizers are massive equipment that must be powered. They include a hose-like mouthpiece for effortless inhalation and are perfect for medical patients and individuals who generally remain at home.

Portable Vaporizers for Dry Weed Flower

Portable dry herb vaporizers are compact, battery-powered machines used by on-the-go users; however, their usefulness is restricted compared to desktop vapes owing to their size. Regardless, they accurately reflect the intricacies of many strains, making them just as valuable as any other smoking method.

Vaping CBD / THC Oil To Get High

Oil vapes, as the name implies, use oil rather than cannabis. They resemble battery-operated pens, making them convenient and affordable. Despite their modest size, the oil utilized lasts long and constantly provides a smooth impact. You only need to achieve the appropriate consistency because oil may be challenging to deal with.

Photo de Clear Cannabis sur Unsplash   

Key Takeaways : How to have a good high

It's critical to keep your health in mind, and there really isn't a single healthiest way to smoke, so just consume cannabis the way you like it and enjoy the experience, whether it's edibles, dabbing with a bubbler or smoking hash oil on butter knives. Just like what strain you like to smoke, when it comes to the best way to smoke weed, it all comes down to your particular preferences and what works best for your objectives and lifestyle for the moment. Whatever you choose, be sure to be an aware smoker and offer your lungs some love by taking some resistance breaks reasonably and NOT SMOKING FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES.


*This article is not to be interpreted as a statement of any form by Spliff but merely a compendium of information compiled from other sources. These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, FDA or any other regulatory body. Consult your doctor before ingesting or smoking any herbal product.*

If you have any valuable information to add or a correction to address, please reach out to a member of our team at info@spliffherbals.com



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