Is it Legal to order Kratom in Canada? [2023 Update]

Is it Legal to order Kratom in Canada? [2023 Update] - Meo Marley's Herbal Blends

If you are a resident of Canada or intend to visit the country, it's crucial to be aware of the laws governing the use of Kratom there. So, continue reading to obtain the latest and most comprehensive information about this herbal product.

Globally recognized as the world's second-largest country, Canada prides itself on its iconic landmarks, historic marvels, delectable cuisine, rich cultural tapestry, and boundless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Given these facts, Canada has many unique things other countries don't have, like a remarkable herb called Kratom. This natural substance has a lot of beneficial properties and has been used as a botanical medicine since the 19th century. 

Known globally as Mitragyna Speciosa, many people have found it to help deal with stress and nervousness, but it's also a bit controversial. Even though it's not illegal in Canada, there are still some legal issues involved with buying it. So, if you want to know more about Kratom use in Canada, including its history, laws, and regulations, just keep reading.

Is Kratom Legal in Canada? 

Yes, Kratom is legal in Canada because it is seen as a health supplement. However, there are some complexities to Kratom's legal status in Canada, as it's not authorized for internal use. While the law ultimately permits it, some governing bodies oppose its approval due to concerns about the side effects of mitragynine. In the past, Health Canada has shut down various Kratom stores that sell their products for human consumption. 

This is because these botanical substances can only be sold for research purposes in the country, and selling them for human intake is illegal. Anyone offering the product for purchase may face penalties, including criminal prosecution. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has not yet decided on its legal position, but they are taking its benefits seriously. There are ongoing discussions and studies to determine the viability of mitragynine. 

Who Regulates Kratom in Canada? A Look at Canada Health and Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

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Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensure that Kratom products are safe for people. They research these herbal supplements by looking at the ingredients, history, and how the product is presented to ensure it's not harmful to people.

According to these authorities, buying Kratom in powder or capsule form is permissible but should not be marketed for human consumption. In light of this, vendors must clarify that their products are not intended for that purpose and must be appropriately labeled with "not for human consumption." However, this policy can change at any time.

Kratom in Canada: Where to Buy and What to Know? 

Since there is no current Canadian law prohibiting the purchase of Kratom products in the country, it won't be too difficult to find them. Considering this, you can purchase them online or at physical stores throughout Canada. However, the former option is superior. 

Online vendors offer better prices, discretion, and a more comprehensive selection of products than traditional retailers. They're also more likely to have conducted the appropriate testing of their products. 

While you can purchase this supplement from local stores in Canada, it may not be your best option. The quality or cost of the product may not meet your expectations. Because of this occurrence, make sure to only buy Kratom from stores that have a license from Health Canada.

Discovering the Best Physical Stores for Kratom Near You in Canada

If you're looking to buy Kratom in Canada, head shops, smoke shops, and herbal stores are popular locations. Various strains in the form of capsules, powders, and extracts are available in these shops. Here’s the compiled list of the top 10 local stores that will help you quickly locate the best options in your area: 

  1. Utopia — 159 Av. Duluth E, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1H4, Canada
  2. Kratom King Canada — 7217 Lantzville Rd #407, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0, Canada
  3. The Vapory — 634 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V3, Canada
  4. Québec Vape Ste-Foy — 3190 Ch Ste-Foy #110, Québec City, Quebec G1X 1R4, Canada
  5. Cannabis Emporium — 245 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X2, Canada
  6. Herbie’s Herb Co — Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
  7. Bloor Gift & Smoke - Head Shop-Bong and Vaporizer shop — CA, 952 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1L6, Canada
  8. The Wee Smoke Shop — 63 Main St N Unit 1, Brampton, ON L6X 1M8, Canada
  9. Liquid Chrome — 11 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON L4M 1A2, Canada
  10. Vapester Smoke Shop Ltd — 1961 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A8, Canada

Understanding the Penalties for Selling Kratom Products 

The specific fine or punishment for selling Kratom in Canada is still being determined. However, Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have ordered the seizure of the unauthorized supplement, and vendors may face criminal prosecution for selling it. Therefore, it is essential to note that selling or buying Kratom for human consumption is illegal in the country. To ensure you purchase the product safely, buy it from a trusted and authentic online seller.

Can Kratom be shipped across Canada legally?

Since no particular legislation outlaws Kratom, shipping it across Canada is entirely legal. However, large shipments of Kratom coming into the country may cause problems. The Canadian Border Services and Canada Customs prefer to avoid large shipments of botanical supplements entering the country and often redirect them back to the original point of departure. On a positive note, smaller packages containing the herbal product can easily pass through customs without legal issues.

Health Canada and the Canadian Border Services require all Kratom importers to have a license permitted by state officials to handle, store, and sell these products. To guarantee easy and seamless transport throughout the country, it’s necessary to label every product and indicate 'not for human consumption' on the package. 

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Can Kratom be Detected in Canadian Drug Tests?

Currently, tests that detect Kratom in human systems are not available. Although some tests can identify it using urine, hair, or nail samples, they're not as commonly used as other drug tests since Kratom is not a controlled substance. However, authorities may still penalize the advertising of the product as food or supplement just to be on the safer side. 

What is the Minimum Age to Buy Kratom in Canada?

It's essential to know the age requirement before purchasing the herb, which is typically 21 years in different parts of the world. However, the legal age to buy Kratom in Canada is 18 years.

Canadian Kratom Regulations and Their Impact on American Users

If you’re considering traveling to Canada to see its beautiful scenery, you can bring your Kratom without any worries. However, you might be asked some questions about it by the Border Patrol, who may need to check that it’s a genuine product. If you’re not from Canada, you can also purchase Kratom there, but make sure you follow the local laws and regulations when buying anything. However, waiting until you arrive in Canada to purchase Kratom or order it online might be more convenient.

What is the Future of Kratom Regulation In Canada?

In Canada, Kratom is considered dangerous for people, and it’s illegal to sell or trade this natural supplement for human consumption. Anyone caught breaking this rule could face severe consequences, including imprisonment. However, the herb isn’t classified as a banned substance, and this loophole could lead to it becoming legal in the future.

How Kratom Supporters Can Make a Difference? 

If you’re a Kratom supporter and want it to stay legal, you can make a difference! It’s crucial to clear up the negative reputation that the product has. A great way to help is by using this botanical substance responsibly and encouraging others to do the same. When people use it responsibly, it will gain more positive attention. This will result in more research and funding to keep the supplement legal. Hopefully, Health Canada will notice this and permit Kratom to be sold legally. Thus, always remember to use the herb responsibly and try to spread your positive experiences to others!


To sum things up, Canada has more freedom to possess and sell Kratom than its neighbors. As long as vendors and buyers follow the rules, they can enjoy the benefits of natural supplements with no limitations. The Canadian Kratom community is growing and continues to unite in defending the rights of consumers, businesses, and producers of the product. Those who advocate for Kratom believe that if the authorities continue to heed their concerns, then the future of this herb in Canada will be promising. 

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