5 Summer Wellness Hacks For Super Busy Mommies

5 Summer Wellness Hacks For Super Busy Mommies - SPLIFF

Hey there, super mommies! Are you ready to hack your way through the hot summer? With so much to juggle at home and work, it's easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. Even stay-at-home mommies miss out on a wellness routine. 

Not surprisingly, mommies are perhaps the most anxious human beings. But a little effort can help you deal with your woes and be more productive and present for your family. Summer is the best time to embrace a schedule because you get a few extra daylight hours.

Let's get real, ladies, you may already have a lot on your plate. But squeezing in self-care is easier than you imagine. So, fellow mommies, let's commit to these summer wellness hacks to keep our sanity and slay the season. 

Ramp up your workout goals

Everyone knows exercise is important. But who's got the time for hour-long walks or gym sessions? Fear not, mamas- there are plenty of quick workouts you can do right at home. And they're effective enough! 

You can search for free workout videos on YouTube or make up your own routine with squats, lunges, and push-ups. Just a little motivation and some good tunes can get you going.

Get smart with meal prep

Getting smart with meal prep is another effective way to ace summer wellness as a mom. When you've got a lot to do, you can fall into the trap of convenience snacks and fast food. But eating healthy is less complicated or time-consuming than you imagine. 

Smart prep does the trick, so commit to chopping your favorite summer veggies and fruits to whip quick and healthy meals on the go. 

Keep stress at bay

Keeping stress at bay is crucial to working out daily and managing your diet. In fact, it should be on top of your wellness wishlist because summer school breaks can be draining. But you can rely on practices like yoga and deep breathing to relax. Try CBD to keep your stress levels down, but remember to indulge discreetly.   

Photo de CRYSTALWEED cannabis sur Unsplash

Look for a handy vape pen and dab pen that fits into your bag or bedside drawer. You can check the Mind Vapes range to buy the perfect tool according to your skill level. Also, schedule your sessions in the evening after the kids are off to bed.

Get enough sleep

Well, sleep and mommy duties don't go hand in hand. You may get even less during summer because nights are shorter. Commit to sleeping at least eight hours and ensuring restful slumber this season. 

Ladies, it's not as challenging as you imagine. You only need to time your schedules wisely and give up on late-night scrolling and binge-watching.

Have some fun

Mommies, you deserve your share of fun, so don't miss out on it. You can get caught up in your endless to-do lists and extra chores. But summer is a great time to break free, and spend alone time and quality time with your loved ones. 

You may even take a mommy break and plan a solo trip if your partner is ready to bear the workload alone for a weekend. 

So there you go, super mommies! Follow these wellness hacks to stay healthy, happy, and sane this season. Looking after yourself is not selfish - it's essential and you deserve it more than anyone else. So invest in some TLC to have a great summer! 


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